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The 13% North Korean Solution

The political wrangling over the North Korean nuclear issue continues to rage and has been spotlighted by the recent resumption of, and subsequent failure, of the Six Party Talks.There are a few constants that have remained since the first round held in August last year. NK has continued to demand a security guarantee in exchange for the dismantling of its nuclear facilities And the US's refusal to give such guarantees. Given the IAEA'S recent failures in Iran its understandable that the international community along with the US would have doubts about successfully monitoring a "peaceful" (electric power generation) NK nuclear program if it were allowed.

Sometimes it takes bold solutions for difficult problems. Enter my "13% North Korea solution." North Korea by all accounts is sub-third world in its industrial complex, and it has failed to produce sufficient amounts of food to feed its population for over a decade. My proposal would utilize North Korea as a large scale application of renewable energy sources. Hydropower, solar, wind, geothermal, biomass, and hydrogen based transportation fuel could all be developed on an international level within NK to test the economic and scientific viability of each.

The program would negate the opposition to some of these sources of energy being developed in the industrialized world. It would provide a source of employment for the NK people and a modernized industrial base. Any successful application can be exported to provide needed hard currency exchange. And most importantly, once and for all answer the question of these energy sources being viable in the "real world."

Thanks to the CrazyPundit for the inspiration.

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UPDATE: CNN'S Rebecca Mackinnon has a blog that covers the current situation on the Korean Peninsula. I highly recommend a visit.

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