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$239 Million Jackpot Unclaimed

From the todays Washington Post:

Unclaimed lottery prizes are nothing new: Virginia alone makes about $10 million a year off winning $5 and $100 tickets that get stood up like bad prom dates. But $239 million?

Officials of the 11-state Mega Millions lottery say it's almost unheard of for people not to claim large prizes, and the ticket sold Feb. 20 at the Red Apple convenience store in Stephens City, Va., is the second-largest jackpot in the world with a single winning ticket, said Penelope Kyle, executive director of the Virginia Lottery. And the winner is still missing. [...]

"What can a person do with $239 million? Here are some options . . . " reads a news release from Kyle's office. "Build a new lane in each direction on Interstate 95 from Newington to the Occoquan River ($68 million) and then drive on it with a fleet of 469 Rolls Royce Corniche Convertibles ($363,990 each)."

Or, the release says, the winner could send a $32.77 check to all 7.3 million Virginians.

Hey I live in Virginia, and we're expecting the third child April 2. That's a family of 5; so I'll be looking for my $163.85 check from the winner...


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