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Sure it sounds like a FOX TV special, but it's actually the latest from The Discovery Channel. Discovery was none too happy that the Nazi style kids clothing being pimped by one of their TLC channel shows was discovered by Fritz Liess (of On The Fritz). Apparently as retaliation they has served a cease and desist notice on Fritz for two other unrelated TLC parodies he had done previously. Notice that they didn't dare attempt to involve the post on the promotion of neo-Nazi symbols in their request.

Read the full story at On The Fritz. By the way you work for a media organization this would make an excellent story...

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At the risk of raining of F... (Below threshold)

At the risk of raining of Fritz's parade, he should do a google search for Fokker and see what he finds.

That cross was a around long before WWII.

It adorns (hundreds of) thousands of model aircraft. The fact the Nazi's used it ALSO really does not mean much.

He sounds sorta like Jesse Jackson finding racism everywhere he looks.

Have to agree with the abov... (Below threshold)

Have to agree with the above. IIRC, Kaiser Bismarck invented the medal during his reign. The symbol adorns any German aircraft from World War I.

Having observed the labelli... (Below threshold)

Having observed the labelling of the Confederate battle flag as racist" because a bunch of drooling six-toed cretins waved it at Klan rallies, I can see how someone would regard the Bismarck cross as having acquired "Nazi" connotations.

It's wrong, but it's life in our post-modern times.

Fritz's hysterical attacks ... (Below threshold)

Fritz's hysterical attacks on the use of the Iron Cross symbol on clothing are a prime example of making an issue out of nothing at all. The symbol was around long before the Nazis and is still used by the Bundeswehr today. Fritz needs to get over it and go back to making unfunny "humor" pieces for his site. At least then no one's likely to take him seriously.






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