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Pakistan / Al Qaeda Fight Continues

While I am glad that Pakistan is doing its part, and our troops appear to be out of harms way with at least this confrontation, I can't help but wonder if our troops, equipped with the weapons and technology we have, wouldn't do a better job of routing out the opposition. If al-Zawahiri was not there to begin with, then the question remains as to why they are fighting so fiercely, at least as has been reported.

WANA, Pakistan (CNN) -- Pakistani forces have captured about 100 fighters -- possibly members of al Qaeda -- in a fierce battle in the country's mountainous border region, military officials said.

However, a Pakistani brigade commander has cast doubt on whether al Qaeda's second in command, Ayman al-Zawahiri, was being protected by fighters, as Pakistani officials suggested earlier.

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A Pakistani military photograph shows the main hideout of suspected al Qaeda fighters in Waziristan

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I can't help but wonder ... (Below threshold)

I can't help but wonder if our troops...

At the risk of being an arrogant American, if our guys were involved I seriously doubt it would still be going on.

Well, we are the wor... (Below threshold)

Well, we are the world's only hyperpower. At any rate, I concur, Paul. And the fact that I'm retired from the military and my son is a Marine has nothing to do with it. :grin:






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