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Why I love the blogosphere

You really need to step back sometimes and admire the speed of blogosphere. Tonight 60 minutes will air an interview with Richard Clarke, former terrorism advisor to both Clinton and Bush. The centerpiece of the article is that the day after 9/11 there was some disagreement between Bushs advisors on who was responsible and where to bomb.

James Joyner has already been beaten up by a reader for not commenting on it and replied publically by explaining that not a whole lot new was learned. He also noted that Clarke was shilling a book. Steven Taylor agrees and gives even more background.

Brad DeLong read the article and gave the standard reply liberals give every time they read a story about Bush, he called for Bush's impeachment.

But Steven Taylor proves he got his money's worth from grad school by noting that having policy advisors disagree is not an impeachable offense. (Did it take a PhD to figure that out?)

So there you have it. The story has been read, dissected and commented upon. The left has called for Bush's impeachment and Bush has already been acquitted of the charges.

Meanwhile, in my time zone, the 60 minutes story in question will not even air for another 3 hours.

Ya just gotta love it.


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