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1776 Film Banned In Virginia

Even in the current climate of consternation over the Super Bowl halftime show, this is ridiculous. That it's happening in the next county over is even more depressing.

Fairfax, VA (AP) - The film version of "1776," based on the Broadway musical about the Declaration of Independence's creation, has been banned in Fairfax County (website - news) middle schools because of sexual innuendo.

In the fictional account, Thomas Jefferson is balking at staying in Philadelphia to write the declaration and protests to John Adams: "I've not seen my wife in six months."

Adams responds, "For a man of only 33 years, you possess a happy talent for composition and a remarkable felicity of expression. Now, will you be a patriot . . . or a lover?"

Jefferson says he "burns" for his wife, at home in Virginia.

Lest you think that Fairfax County is a hotbed of conservatism, it's actually a Democratic stronghold.

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Have you seen the movie?</p... (Below threshold)

Have you seen the movie?

Yes I saw it 20+ years ago.... (Below threshold)

Yes I saw it 20+ years ago. I think we had a field trip to see it in high school. It was silly.

Silly, but fun.... (Below threshold)

Silly, but fun.

Best scene: Franklin and Adams have just met Mrs. Jefferson and she has explained why she loves her husband. Franklin speaks to Adams: "John, we're taking fiddle lessons."

Franklin cracks me up.

lemme maybe refresh your me... (Below threshold)

lemme maybe refresh your memory a bit... Not only do John Adams and Jefferson discussing "burning" for their wives but when T.J.'s wife arrives on the scene he "does her" multiple times while Franklin and Adams are waiting for the Declaration to be written.

All in all not something I want my 10-12 year old seeing. (not that I have one mind you)

To me, a simple editing of that part makes it fine for that age group.

my 2 cents.

My wife and I own a copy of... (Below threshold)

My wife and I own a copy of the movie, but maybe it's the wrong cut -- ours doesn't show Jefferson "doing" his wife even so much as once.

Where'd you get your copy, Paul?

Ahem. They're MARRIED. It's... (Below threshold)

Ahem. They're MARRIED. It's okay for them to have sex, and hey, it's only implied, anyway.

Well, then there's the whole song between John and Abigail about prancing in Cupid's grove...

I love that movie; one of t... (Below threshold)

I love that movie; one of the best explanations of what the US is all about that I know.

For over 20 years, my best friend and I have been staging an Independance Day ritual: barbecue, Sam Adams Lager and "1776", accompanied by salutes when the clerk reads George Washington's name on the field dispatches. A few years ago, we had to blackball some hangers-on who failed to observe the ritual properly, chattering on instead of watching the movie.

Over the years, we've gone from broadcast TV to VHS; last year we moved to DVD, which has several scenes that I hadn't seen since I saw the movie in the theater on opening day - Christmas 1972.

"Will someone shut that man up?"


It's hot as hell in Phila-d... (Below threshold)

It's hot as hell in Phila-del-phia!


Unfortunately the movie dro... (Below threshold)
Alex Bensky:

Unfortunately the movie dropped one of the better songs, "Cool, Cool, Conservative Men." Still it's a lot of fun. I play the record--yes, the vinyl disc--every July 4th, and then I e-mail Natalie Solent and tell her no hard feelings, her side just started up with the wrong people.

was this film really banned... (Below threshold)

was this film really banned in virginia? WHY? I thought it was not only very funny but also historically accurate for the most part.

was this film really banned... (Below threshold)

was this film really banned in virginia? WHY? I thought it was not only very funny but also historically accurate for the most part.

A few of my favorite lines: "New York abstains... courteously." and "Damn your eyes, man!"






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