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I've Got To Be Me...

From the New York Post:

March 23, 2004 -- A former Goldman Sachs secretary accused of stealing almost $8.1 million from her former bosses said that two of them gave her $2 million as "a reward for being me."

Goldman investment banker Scott Mead, and managing directors Ron Beller and his wife, Jennifer Moses, have accused the secretary, Joyti De-Laurey, of forging signatures on checks and money transfers.

De-Laurey admits to taking the money and spending it "lavishly," but her lawyer, Jeremy Dein, said it was with the bankers' "consent and knowledge."

Beller "made it very clear he would always look out for me, what was his was mine," De-Laurey testified in front of a jury in London court.

The broker was pissed because he had, in effect, two wifes spending his money. The wife was pissed that the secretary only had to service him during the day...

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