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Stupid eBay Auctions

You can add Buy My Debt ($20,000) to the list of lame eBay auctions.


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Somehow his begging would b... (Below threshold)

Somehow his begging would be more appealing if he knew what a paragraph was.

How's this for lame?... (Below threshold)

How's this for lame? I keep seeing things on eBay that my dad has sold in garage sales over the years being auctioned for hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of dollars!

The last time it was a matching pair of McCoy art pottery vases from the 1940s or '50s. My dad thought they were "ugly" and sold them for pennies. A single vase just like them sold on ebay for $450!

My mom was a hairdresser and many of the gifts that her wealthy clients gave her were purchased in the finer shops and department stores or on trips to Europe. To my dad, it is just junk.

I have since gone through Dad's house like a vulture, pointing out which items are too valuable to toss out.

People should also know even things like the cookie jar from your childhood that Mom still has in her kitchen could be a valuable collectible -- some are worth $1500 or more!

Purchase an opinion! ... (Below threshold)

Purchase an opinion!


Now thats stupid...

This would no doubt count a... (Below threshold)

This would no doubt count as a lame eBay auction, however, it did generate the following e-mail:

"Dear thenicholasbrothers,

is MPhil short for M. Phil Spector? you might not have heard: he is in big trouble, something about a killing, and he will need a lot more than $6,000.00 to pay his lawyers and get on with it in music. you're good to think of him, though.
sincerely, allen s."

Nothing so altruistic, sadly!

Benedict Westenra is an arr... (Below threshold)

Benedict Westenra is an arrogant, intellectually-challenged West-Brit from Co. Monaghan, who has probably concluded by this stage that he isn't cut out for an MPhil. In fact, he was unable to present for exams in Cambridge because he wasn't feeling well. Fair dues, many think.






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