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The Red Sea

Mars had water! Mars had water! Hmmm... on second thought maybe that's not such a shocking revelation.

PASADENA, Calif. (AP) - Mars once had a briny pool of standing water on its surface that could have supported life in the now-frozen planet's distant past, NASA scientists said Tuesday.

Scientists announced earlier this month that the Opportunity rover found evidence of water long ago on Mars, but it was unclear whether the water was underground or on the surface. The new findings suggest there was a pool of saltwater at least two inches deep.

A rocky outcropping examined by the rover had ripple patterns and concentrations of salt - considered telltale signs that the rock formed in standing water.

The findings add to the growing body of evidence that the Red Planet was once was a warmer and wetter place that may have been conducive to life.

"We think Opportunity is now parked on what was once the shoreline of a salty sea on Mars," said Cornell University astronomer Steve Squyres, the mission's main scientist.

Good thing Bush wants us to go to Mars; how else are we going to prove Marvin exists?


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Comments (4)

This still does not explain... (Below threshold)

This still does not explain why "Mars Attacks" sucked so bad.

No it doesn't.... (Below threshold)

No it doesn't.

Let me know when they find ... (Below threshold)

Let me know when they find a good, single-malt scotch.

Marvin may not exist?</b... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Marvin may not exist?






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