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All Your Parking Lots Are Belong To Us

From the Washington Post:

The Pentagon's south parking lot was shut and Metro service was halted for about an hour yesterday after a man approached a police officer near a checkpoint and claimed that he had an explosive in his car.

Arlington County bomb technicians conducted a sweep of the vehicle and later determined that the man had a relatively harmless smoke bomb -- which looked like a couple of sticks of dynamite or firecrackers -- in the front seat. The device was removed shortly before 3 p.m., when officials reopened the parking lot and the roads and ramps surrounding the Pentagon. Metro rail and bus service

I drive past the Pentagon every day. This explains show of force on Route 1 yesterday. When the Humvee with mounted machine guns are out, that's always a sign that something is up.

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Nah, somebody probably just... (Below threshold)

Nah, somebody probably just REALLY wanted to get their staffing package coordinated TODAY, damnit.

"When the Humvee with mo... (Below threshold)

"When the Humvee with mounted machine guns are out, that's always a sign that something is up."

I probably would have just assumed that the soccer moms had upgraded. ;)

Love the post title- nice p... (Below threshold)

Love the post title- nice play on "all your base are belong to us."






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