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Sad News

U.S. OKd plan to topple Taliban a day before 9/11

WASHINGTON - After years of delay caused by inadequate intelligence, the U.S. government decided just one day before the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks that it would try to overthrow the Taliban rulers of Afghanistan if a diplomatic push to expel Osama bin Laden from the country failed, the independent panel investigating the attacks reported Tuesday.

Timing sucks huh?

In reality it does not matter. Even if this got OK'ed on Jan 20th the plans were in place and the attack still would have happened. But your heart does sink thinking of what might have been avoided.

But why isn't this all over the media?

This is the EXACT kind of story the media loves. It is an explosive new fact that is very emotionally charged.. Why is it not the lead story today?

Consider this... It puts the complete lie to the whole Richard Clarke nonsense* that Bush did not do anything about bin Laden. Is that why the media is ignoring such a juicy story?

*Richard Clarke's story was full of more holes than a crab net before this but this really kills it.

Comments (2)

I think it would've taken m... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

I think it would've taken more than 1 day to topple them.

Excellent post. Why no big... (Below threshold)

Excellent post. Why no big media coverage? Well, it doesn't make the administration look bad.






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