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American Grandstand

Natalie notes the "right before our eyes" meltdown of Richard Clarke, and wonders whether the slow shift in media coverage would have occurred without the blogosphere. I'd have to agree with her. The pile on is extending from InstaPundit into the mainstream media.

The latest publication poking holes in Clarke the talking head vs. Clarke the author is Time magazine, and two damning New York Post articles (here and here).

Update: Daniel Drezner has been reading Clarke's book. He's got an interesting theory on Clarke: "...that Clarke's evaluation of presidential performance is directly correlated with how well those presidents treated Clarke."

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Makes sense to me, as I hea... (Below threshold)

Makes sense to me, as I heard he was allegedly screwed over... and if a wrong (perceived or real) pisses someone off enough, they'll lie their pants off to damage the one who allegedly wronged 'em.






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