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American Idol Flips the Bird

The big story is why this is a story at all. I watch the show and Simon is constantly leaning on one finger or the other or his hand. If not that he is always doing something, not obscene, with his hands. If anyone is guilty of anything its the producers or network for not just panning away or blacking out the questionable segment. At no time that I was watching did Simon seem to be trying to emphasize his finger as an obscene gesture. Category: Blown out of Proportion.

The picture is in the extended entry.

Simon Flips The Bird?

Via Drudge

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He's British. The British ... (Below threshold)

He's British. The British don't use that finger to flip people off anyway. They do a reverse V sign, with the index and second finger, showing the back of the hand.

I think that information ma... (Below threshold)

I think that information may be a bit outdated. I have no doubt that the middle-finger as an obscene gesture has made it across the Atlantic by now.

While the raised middle fin... (Below threshold)

While the raised middle finger is certainly recognized in Britain, the standard insulting gesture is still as Teri describes.

Drudge can be such a twit.

I noticed it the other nigh... (Below threshold)

I noticed it the other night but never thought that Simon was using it as we in the US do. If he was trying to make a gesture he would have done the reverse V thing for sure.

People need to relax.

Kevin is right. Simone is a... (Below threshold)

Kevin is right. Simone is always using his finger like that. It's just a quirk.

Simon Rox... (Below threshold)

Simon Rox

opps.. corrected my homepag... (Below threshold)

opps.. corrected my homepage






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