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Bucket of Blood

I've seen this story pop up a couple of places but not with the picture.

PETAís new "Bucket of Blood," with a cardboard caricature of Colonel Sanders, which the animal-rights group plans to hand out to children outside KFC restaurants as part of a campaign against what it says are farming and slaughter abuses by KFC's suppliers. Instead of fried chicken, each bucket is filled with a bag of fake blood and bones, a bloodied plastic chicken and a cardboard caricature of a blood-spattered Colonel Sanders. (Photo: CBS/AP)

Nothing goes better with a hot steaming mug-o-Lard.

TheTapir offers a different picture and some additional information.

NEW FROM PETA: for the person that has everything and needs to
gross out 5000+ plus guests.....

The Baby Seal Buffet

Too Late.


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Comments (11)

Almost makes me want to fin... (Below threshold)

Almost makes me want to find them outside a KFC and take my kids to get some chicken. I'd just love to have them try and hand a Bucket of Blood to them.

But, discretion being the better part of valor...

Remember when life was simp... (Below threshold)

Remember when life was simple and people left each other to their own choices in life?

Neither do I.

Am I the only sick bastard ... (Below threshold)

Am I the only sick bastard who's thinking - "Damn, I want one of those".

Talk about your Happy Meal prizes. Hehehe.

I couldn't resist doing thi... (Below threshold)
Members of BEATOFF are part... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Members of BEATOFF are part of a self solving problem.

My husband nearly wrecked h... (Below threshold)

My husband nearly wrecked his car the other day because he saw the billboard for that particular PETA campaign on I-95 [outside of Philadelphia, going toward Delaware]. He laughed so hard he cried. And then he got hungry for chicken.

There's a little more detai... (Below threshold)

There's a little more detail on this here:

PETA's Child Abuse Continues

I wonder how much one of th... (Below threshold)

I wonder how much one of these will go for on ebay a year from now.

This sort of stupid negativ... (Below threshold)

This sort of stupid negative publicity only makes people hungry for chicken! I mean, we love to get freebies, and since Dawn of the Dead and the Passion of Christ are such a high grossing movies (pun not intended, but appropriate) a bucket of blood is just what we want!
Pass the blood!

woohoo! I got me a Bucket '... (Below threshold)

woohoo! I got me a Bucket 'O Blood! There's even more than what's in the above description, including Faux chicken feathers, and chicken wire, as well as several stickers with KFC images and sayings like "We do chickens wrong." and "I'm not a nugget." and my favorite "Meat's no treat for those you eat." Spread the word and get the frenzy going! This baby's going on eBay. Thanks for the free cash PETA, it's finger lickin good!! It'll be up for bids by this weekend. check www.ebay.com my ID is samajm.

get your bucket of blood he... (Below threshold)






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