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Noam Chomsky Blogs

And it's a train wreck (see the comments)...

So far there are 4 post, of which only the first one announcing Norm's presence actually makes any sense.

Lair has issued a Garden Noam Challenge.


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Comments (6)

I've already posted a chall... (Below threshold)

I've already posted a challenge regarding his lack of attention to the field in which he owns academic credentials.

Four posts each with a hund... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Four posts each with a hundred or so comments. Must be why Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit doesn't do much with allowing comments.

The comments on Noam's site... (Below threshold)

The comments on Noam's site are the best part.

Garden Noam [snicker]... (Below threshold)

Garden Noam [snicker]

Damn! The comments section ... (Below threshold)

Damn! The comments section is closed... and right after taught my spell checker the word stupidassedfu(kingidiot.

Darn. I wanted to ask him s... (Below threshold)

Darn. I wanted to ask him some language questions.






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