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Kerry Backers Attack Bush Bloggers

From the Boston Herald comes news that bloggers Matt Margolis and Aaron Margolis got roughed up by Kerry's union thugs supporters at a Bush event:

A brawl erupted between opponents and supporters of President Bush last night behind police barricades a block from his fund-raiser at the Park Plaza Hotel.

Two Bush supporters, twin brothers Matt and Aaron Margolis, traded blows at the corner of Arlington and Boylston streets with several men who they said were union members.

The fight started after a man wearing an Ironworkers Local 7 sweatshirt, perched atop a subway entrance, repeatedly taunted the brothers.

"They told us to get out of here or we'd get beaten up,'' said Matt Margolis, 24, of Beverly.

"I said, `I support your freedom of speech - please support mine. Come on down and we can have a conversation."

"He jumped down and swung on my brother. Then they all jumped in and tore our signs apart.''

Update: Arron has significantly more detail on the event here. Matt has not covered the topic yet at Blogs for Bush.


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Comments (4)

we got that article linked ... (Below threshold)

we got that article linked by Drudge... hehehe...

photos will come soon....

Anyone could have predicted... (Below threshold)

Anyone could have predicted what the result of mixing a bunch of college kids with hardcore union members. Thank God no one was seriously injured!

The union guys acted pretty much as anyone would expect. I am disappointed by the young Bush supporters -- this just makes young people who are concerned about politics look bad. Not so much because they put themselves in a position to be attacked by thugs, but because Aaron's account makes me think of a little kid who pokes a monkey with a stick and is surprised when the monkey throws a handful of crap in his face.

True conservatives are not only conservative in their political views, they are conservative in manner and convention. Conservatives don't join the rabble. Conservatives don't participate in lawless demonstrations.

The moral -- if you poke the monkey with a stick, you're gonna end up smelling like monkey crap. Leave the monkey alone, kids!

my story on the brawl:... (Below threshold)

my story on the brawl:

on B4B and also my personal blog.

Fritz, translated: "keep yo... (Below threshold)

Fritz, translated: "keep your head down, don't express your opinion in public, don't defend yourself (it makes your attackers mad) -- maybe the Margolis brothers should ask, what did they do to make the union thugs hate them?"






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