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The PayPal Saga - Part II

I received my first reply from PayPal concerning my account termination.

Thank you for contacting PayPal.

We have reviewed your website and unfortunately we cannot lift the limitation on your account. Your account was in violation of the Acceptable Use Policy for mature audiences. There are no appeals for this violation.

No appeals for this violation? That's not what your first message said - just re-read it:
If you feel that this decision was made in error and that you have not been accepting payments in the mature audience space, please contact us at [email protected]
I have not been accepting payments for any goods or services. I have used the PayPal donation tool to allow people to give unsolicited tips. Why offer the the PayPal donation capability when it falls outside the existing AUP that is geared toward goods and services?

As to the violation of the Acceptable Use Policy for mature audiences:

You may not use PayPal to send or receive payments for any "adult" or "sexually oriented" materials or services. This includes items sold through eBay's Mature Audiences category.
With nearly 2000 stories there are maybe 15 that LINK to sites featuring nudity. By that reasoning you'd have to delete accounts for search engines like Google and Yahoo. I don't host (or sell) pornography. As I have previously indicated to PayPal I don't sell any goods or services.

The ball is back in PayPal's court. Given their stellar reputation for customer service I'm not holding my breath. So far PayPal has succeeded where the New York Times has failed.

Too bad the blogger defense fund hasn't got off the ground yet.


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Comments (7)

Bizarre.... (Below threshold)


Paypal customer service ema... (Below threshold)

Paypal customer service emails are probably processed by 19-year old Indians who process 90 an hour. Give it a few more whacks.

I'd start each email with different phrasing up front, in hopes of hitting the CSR's "hot button words" that might cause him to consider your appeal. The approach, of "this is my Nth email, please read full history," doesn't strike me as promising.

Monopoly power sucks.

Since I link to your site..... (Below threshold)

Since I link to your site....and you link to eee-vil content....my account could be next!

Wow. Zero Tolerance strikes... (Below threshold)

Wow. Zero Tolerance strikes again.

You never will get your acc... (Below threshold)

You never will get your account with PayPal activated or any $ recovered.
Interesting enough you are not alone..
Google it (don't ya just love it its a verb now)
Paypal sucks

Since it sucks so bad there is a market for serivce to replace it ...if you had the time, the inclination, you can call it after your blog name.. I'd support you all the way... Then I could say I knew Kevin when he was only known for his blog, now I have to stand in line to get an autograph. ;)

microsoftsucks.com, walmart... (Below threshold)
Sally May:

microsoftsucks.com, walmartsucks.com, starbuckssucks.com. PayPal's in pretty good company. sucks.com site just means you're successful.

Paypal is owned by eBay, an... (Below threshold)

Paypal is owned by eBay, and there are similarities in the TOS agreements. Earlier this year, I invested several hundred dollars in some bumper stockers that said, "WWOVF? Who would Osama vote for?" I intended to sell them on eBay. However, eBay said I couldn't sell them there because they referred to a notorious murderer of the last 100 years. False and defamatory "Bush Lied" material is okay, however.






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