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Flight a Success

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Three years after its first test flight ended in an explosion, NASA on Saturday successfully launched an experimental jet designed to reach speeds approaching 5,000 mph.

The flight is currently being reported as a success, but we'll have to take the scientists word for it. After having the watched a B52 for about an hour the drone was released and zipped away. Pretty good science, but fairly anti-dramatic after the wait.

At least a number of other bloggers were watching gauged by comments and posts at Dean's World and Amish Tech Support

Comments (5)

The best part is from the t... (Below threshold)

The best part is from the two-minute warning bit on, although the F-16 chase planes taking off was a nice touch.

Never got a video feed, but... (Below threshold)

Never got a video feed, but the audio was enough to follow the progress.

F-16's? I thought they referenced them as F-18s. One tail or twin tail?

I think the profile looked ... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

I think the profile looked like F16, now I'll have to find a picture. The video started grainy, but then go better toward launch, either a better signal or a better camera.

I recall twin tail.... (Below threshold)

I recall twin tail.

Hey guys- Google is your fr... (Below threshold)

Hey guys- Google is your friend.

"Two F-18B chase planes followed the B-52 and transmitted live video..."






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