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French Lawyer Says He'll Defend Saddam

Was there ever any doubt that Saddam's lawyer would be French?

PARIS (AP) - A French lawyer, known for defending terrorists and a Nazi leader, said Saturday he will defend Saddam Hussein.

Jacques Verges told France-Inter radio he had received a letter from Saddam's family requesting him to defend the former Iraqi leader in court.

Verges has defended Venezuelan terrorist Carlos the Jackal, whose real name is Ilich Ramirez. He gained international notoriety during the Cold War for staging a string of deadly bombings, assassinations and hostage seizures.

The French lawyer also defended, Klaus Barbie, a Nazi Gestapo chief in France in World War II, who was convicted of crimes against humanity in Lyon, France.

Every defendant deserves a lawyer; genocidal despots deserve a French lawyer...


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Comments (4)

I'm convinced the French ar... (Below threshold)

I'm convinced the French are generally not as intelligent as the rest of the civilized nations.

You would think now that they are being targeted, they would be less inclined to assist the terrorists. Pathetic...

I heard about this book, Th... (Below threshold)

I heard about this book, The French Betrayal of America, by Kenneth Timmerman, here:

today on Northern Alliance Radio. Timmerman says that Chirac has been pushing France away from the US and toward Saddam and Arafat since the '80s.

dare I say that defending S... (Below threshold)

dare I say that defending Saddam is a clever bit of marketing. A la Mark Geragos & Wacko Jacko? Would anyone know of Johnnie Cochran had he not defended O.J.?

No, but at the Law Firm of ... (Below threshold)

No, but at the Law Firm of Johnnie "I get killers off like the rest of the attorney's why are you fu-king with me cause Oj was black?" Cochran Law Firm, we hold true to the motto, "If the bombs don't show, Saddam must be resto'd."






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