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For Would-Be French Presidents:

Advice for John Kerry: You can't win an election on an anti-war platform.

Not even in France.

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In all honesty, Kate, and i... (Below threshold)

In all honesty, Kate, and it pains me to say this, but Chirac's anti-war stance isn't what hurt him and his party. It was his domestic policies.

Ahh, it would be grand if the French people (or the Germans, where Schroeder is having his own problems) wanted to turn out the sitting administration due to their opposition to the Iraqi War. Alas, that's just not the way it is.

Oh, I wasn't implying that.... (Below threshold)

Oh, I wasn't implying that. I was pointing out that his high-profile anti-US stance about Iraq didn't translate into electoral advantage.

Since virtually everyone in... (Below threshold)

Since virtually everyone in France is anti-war, I wouldn't have thought it would have made much difference either way.

No matter, I agree with your basic point.

Advice for John Kerry: Y... (Below threshold)

Advice for John Kerry: You can't win an election on an anti-war platform.

It seemed to work quite well in Spain.

Advice to American voters, Bush or Kerry you will end up with less freedom four years down the line than you have today. Unfortunately, you can't win an election on pro-freedom platform in America.






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