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Meet The Guest Contributors

I'm easing myself out of posting this week. As is apparent by now I've assembled a team of contributors to take over while I enjoy the hellaciously stinky poops of a newborn. I'll be back for the the one year anniversary of Wizbang - April 12th.

The guest contributors are from two distinct camps, the first are famous (or infamous depending on your point of view) commenters. It seemed to me like a good idea to offer them a "no strings attached" chance to see how the other half lives. They are:

Jay Tea
(if he ever answers my e-mail)

The second group of contributors are bloggers that may be new to you. They are:


You may have noticed that the second group is filled with females where the first group is filled with males. If I had a collection of non blogging female commenters whose material I knew well I would have certainly tapped into that pool, alas none fitting that description came to mind. I went instead with a diverse set of female bloggers who deserve wider exposure.

And finally, keeping an eye on the site admin functions: Michele.

Thanks in advance to all of you!

Comments (12)

Paul, Rodney, Timmer, and J... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Paul, Rodney, Timmer, and Jay Tea; at a moments notice we can turn into a screaming, feces flinging, cadre of monkeys, but you gotta admit we're a colorful group to hang with.

(with thanks to James at OTB for my recycling an old caption contest)

And a special thanks to Kevin for the opportunity.

Men's and women's teams, co... (Below threshold)

Men's and women's teams, competing on small tasks? Where have I seen this before?

When does The Kevin say, "You're fired."


Holy crap, I got mail!... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Holy crap, I got mail!

Kevin, I'm honored and flattered by this offer. I'll try not to abuse it too much, but I sincerely think you'd have been safer doing something like shaving a tiger or urinating (almost said "wizzing") on an electric fence.

Good luck with the baby, Kevin -- I'll be thinking of you while I attend a showing of http://umbilicalbrothers.com/ 's show "THWAK!" up in Concord.

And as for YOU, Rodney... I do NOT resemble in any way any of those monkeys you cited. Find me a balding, mustached, glasses-wearing monkey, and I might acknowledge that one. But not one of those hirsute little nit-pickers.


For my part, I pledge no mo... (Below threshold)

For my part, I pledge no more than one link per day to rotten.com

(Excluding caption contests, of course.)

I'm not quite sure how to t... (Below threshold)

I'm not quite sure how to take this. I never realized I was all that famous or infamous. I just figured I made Kevin laugh a couple times with my Weekend Caption posts.

I don't know how prolific I'll be, but I'll try to keep it short and to the point. Since I'm Active Duty Air Force, I'll try to throw a mil perspective in when I see something come up that catches my attention.

I find myself in the unique position of thinking, now that I've got it, what the heck do I do with it?

There ya go again, confusin... (Below threshold)

There ya go again, confusing the Air Force with the military! ;-)


Just ribbing you, Timmer. BTW, when I first saw some of your comments, I had to email a fellow USN retiree called Timmer to ask if you were he.

Oh, and since you're undoubtedly wondering what I learned, you aren't. ;-)

Hmm...Damn MT edited based ... (Below threshold)

Hmm...Damn MT edited based on angle brackets...I hate when that happens!

Let me rephrase my second line:

Boyd = CTIC (E-7) USN (Ret.)

Boyd - You had to go and st... (Below threshold)

Boyd - You had to go and start a blog :-).

Timmer I think the infamous... (Below threshold)

Timmer I think the infamous part was aimed at me. ;-)

Chief Boyd...I might have j... (Below threshold)

Chief Boyd...I might have joined the Navy if the recruiter hadn't keep using my name and the words "nuclear submarines." Dad said if I got on a boat built to sink that was built around an atomic bomb to boot, he'd of disowned me.

Besides...the Village People never sang a song called, "In The Air Force."

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Heh, heh. Civilians in unif... (Below threshold)

Heh, heh. Civilians in uniform. Gotcher "Air Force gloves" on? :-)

And for the record, I enjoyed my time on "people tubes" (submarines). Once you got used to the chemical smell of the CO2 absorbant.

No offense to the others, b... (Below threshold)

No offense to the others, but what are the odds of us getting a Kevin-only RSS feed?






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