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Shoulda Had Kittens

Stuff I didn't know til the kittens arrived is that there is one distinct advantage to having kittens, no "hellaciously stinky poops of a newborn" as they don't poop on their own, mom has to lick them to stimulate them to both pee and poop and in so doing, she licks up and, yes, eats said pee and poop.

So no matter where she moves the kittens, the area stays clean...

Til they start eating solid food then she won't want to eat their stinky poop. Then it's litterbox training time.

Either way, there are no late night diaper changes with kittens.

Still probably thinking, "Ewwww gross." There is worse - dogs will eat stinky poop no matter how old they or the poop are. Sides, cats are cute, see a whole Carnival of Cats.


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Comments (2)

Eww, Mog!Just what... (Below threshold)

Eww, Mog!

Just what I needed before I laid my pretty head down to sleep. Thanks! 8^)

I really coulda gone all da... (Below threshold)

I really coulda gone all day without reading that.






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