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Man- It's going to be a looong 8 months.

Bush Campaign Blasts Kerry's Bible Quote

So the news of the day is that Kerry blasted Bush for not being blah blah blah and Bush blasted Kerry for exploiting scripture blah blah blah.

Blah Blah Blah Blah

I love politics. I love the process and I love the debate. But if I read one more freaking headline that starts with "Canidate Blasts..." I might just explode.

Get over it... Is it election by name calling?

Yeah, I went postal on the "Bush blasts" headline but the "blasting" more often than not goes the other way. I'm one of the few that admits to liking negative campaign ads and the like, but good grief, give it a rest.

I am really waiting for the day Kerry "blasts" Bush for wearing a red tie. All the blue tie manufactures might lose jobs if he starts wearing red ties again.

Maybe its just me but the whining is getting old already.

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