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More Jobs, Cheaper Computers

First all the Tech Jobs have been headed there, and now they are having a
Computer Revolution

BANGALORE, India (AP) - A cheap handheld computer, designed by Indian scientists for use by the poor, is now available for $220 after a delay of nearly three years.

Simputer's software was developed by volunteers, to keep development costs low, said Swami Manohar, chief executive of Picopeta Simputers, which is one of two companies licensed to make the devices.

To add insult to injury and Microsoft products cost more and are also delayed by three years.

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i am a studeny from St.xavi... (Below threshold)

i am a studeny from St.xavier college mapusa goa. i have complited my graduation from Physicsfollowed by diploma in computerised accounting.i have also passed my NCC "c" certificate from govt. of india .

kindly do the needful

Name : UDAY KUMAR GHOSH.<br... (Below threshold)

Father’s Name: Late Provash Chandra Ghosh.
Date of Birth : 19th August 1975
Permanent :24, Haltu Kayastha Para Main Road.
P.O. Haltu, P.S. – Kasba
Kolkata – 700 078
Email – [email protected]
Now In : Same as Above
Educational Qualification :

1.Madhyamik,W.B.S.E,Eng,Ben, Math,Phy,Life Sci, Geo ,Hist,1992
2.Higher Secondary ,W.B.H.S.E,Eng, Ben, BO, ACC, Geo, Math ,1994
3.B.Com ,Calcutta University,ACC, Management, Echo, Geo, Stat, Math,1998

Other Qualification : N.C.C. “C” Certificate holder from 2 Bengal Air
Sqn. N.C.C

Diploma In Financial Account form West Bengal computer Training institute.
Computer Software - Windows, M/S Office, Adobe PageMaker, Account Package – Tally, Fact, Next Generation, Internet, Programming FoxPro, dbase.
Computer Hardware – Computer Assembling, operating system & Software installation, Networking & New hardware installation, other.

Typing English. (30 wpm)

Other Experience : Worked in Modi Xerox as data operator.
Working in Chanda Computers as computer maintenance and other official work for last 3 years.

I, hereby declare that the Statements given in application are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. My candidature will be lost if any statement become false.

Place: Kolkata

Date : Signature






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