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Tell Me Again Why California is Broke

City yanks its repainted SUV from S.F. official

The high-ranking official at San Francisco's Public Utilities Commission who ordered a $4,000 paint job on his new city-owned SUV because he didn't like the color has had his wheels yanked.

Not only that, but an incensed Mayor Gavin Newsom ordered the red-faced official, Harlan Kelly, to repay the city $6,000 spent for the new paint job and other extras that Kelly had tacked onto the ride. ...

It turns out, however, that Kelly's upgrades didn't stop with the color of the car. The SUV also got extra radio equipment and police lights and sirens -- all installed for an extra $2,000 -- bringing the total cost of the motor makeover to $6,000.

The guy said he needed police lights to reply to "sewer emergencies." (and he is still employed)

Believe it or not... There is more

From the SAME story:

Movin' on up: Thanks to a speakership change, state Assemblyman Leland Yee is being promoted out of the office he spent $27,000 of the state's money redecorating.

Unfortunately for the San Francisco Democrat, while the new office might have more status, it's also lined with some of the tackiest, most mismatched paneling in the Capitol.

"I hated leaving the old office -- we made some nice improvements in it,'' Yee said, adding that the new digs are on the dark side.

As for whether Yee plans another makeover: So far, no comment.

In the meantime, Yee has arranged for a monk to come in and do a feng shui blessing to try to make the digs more harmonious.

And California wonders why they are broke!


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I can't recall the details,... (Below threshold)

I can't recall the details, but I read a story in my local paper a few years ago about a school superintendent who spent over $100,000 redecorating his office (with a new mahogany desk that cost thousands, etc.), while the school district was laying off teachers.






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