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Britney Exposed

It looks like you've got a dilemma on your hands if you have a teenage daughter. Britney Spears' current tour is by all accounts heavy on the bikini clad simulated porn. Don't believe it? Check out this UK Sun article (with semi work safe pictures).

Britney is exploring her sexuality... on stage. Of course this makes for great Internet blog fodder fun, but I don't have a teenager begging me to let them go see the show...


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Comments (17)

It looks like you've got... (Below threshold)

It looks like you've got a dilemma on your hands if you have a teenage daughter

Well, I don't have a teenage daughter but assuming I did, I would not have a dilemma.

"NO" ain't that hard to say.

I agree, Paul. I can't unde... (Below threshold)

I agree, Paul. I can't understand the inability of so many parents today to just say "No." Ask my five kids, and they'll tell you that's all I know how to say.

Saying no, while important,... (Below threshold)

Saying no, while important, really isn't the issue. The issue is how this is reflective of growing permissiveness of our society. And whether one keeps one's daughters (or, in my case, sons) away from Britney and her ilk, the bottom line is that it pervades society and makes sexualized activies "cool" and commonplace--like those ridiculous shirt some teenage girls wear that say "porn star" on them.

Heck, even if one says no (and I do, and will) it is impossible to escape--one can't watch football without having a raft of oversexualized commercials flying at you. Or, the other day we were watching Star Trek: TNG on Spike (ugh) and the commercials for some of the shows were like soft porn.

I blame Madonna!... (Below threshold)

I blame Madonna!

Teenagers?!My brot... (Below threshold)


My brother's teenage kids think Britney is a joke. Britney's target audience is still the pre-teen crowd. And, she lost all hope of growing into a mature performer when she "kissed that old lady on stage" -- as the kids described it.

Teens want to go see rock groups like Linkin Park, Blink-182, and Jet. Pop stars like Justin and Britney are considered very uncool. They are the Donnie and Marie of their generation.

My teenage daughter stopped... (Below threshold)

My teenage daughter stopped being interested in Britney when her friends started commenting she is a slut and whore. She would rather to mainstream Hard Rock or Rap concert instead which is fine but she wants to be in the mosh pit.

I am not at all surprised by "porn style" concert she made comments that Modanna is her idol. She is going to continue to push the envelope just as Madonna did over the years. She is going to model her career after Madonna's.
Pretty sad if you think about it..Britney knows she can't make it on her own style and orginality she has to copy someone's else success to keep making money. What respect is there in copycats?!

Steven, I don't disagree. A... (Below threshold)

Steven, I don't disagree. And I share your dismay (er outrage) at commercials. But my family is very close and I "help raise" my niece and 2 nephews. We simply tell them there are good people in this world and there are bad people in the world. We want them to be one of the good people.

I'm sure James would accuse me of indoctrination but so be it. No children I have any sway over will grow up thinking that is cool. To me it is pretty simple.

Did you check out that dude... (Below threshold)

Did you check out that dude's wig in the pics? ROFLMAO!

I guess when the music suck... (Below threshold)

I guess when the music sucks as bad as it does, you have to do something. What a skank.

It's definitely the 'younge... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

It's definitely the 'younger-than-teenager' crowd that is influenced or impressed by Britney, if they are at all. I have daughter's that are 13, 17 , and now 20 (for the last two weeks). Britney's not a problem, though I'm not always pleased with some of their musical tastes.

I have daughters ages 16, 1... (Below threshold)

I have daughters ages 16, 14, 12 and 10. We don't have a TV nor do "malls". (Actually, we have a TV that doesn't receive a signal and we use it for DVDs and tapes.)

They've heard of Spears through the sunday newspaper TARGET circulars.

Funny... my eldest just broke 1450 on her SATs and is happy and authors her school drama productions.

Want happy kids? Just say NO... to MTV.

Oh, and my girls don't date. Nor want to until they're 19-ish and are thinking about marriage while the best pickings of good guys are still available.

Then make sure your kids do... (Below threshold)

Then make sure your kids don't watch the Virgin Suicides.

why cant people leave her a... (Below threshold)
gareth kennedy:

why cant people leave her alone i think shes the best and always will who cares what you all say your just jealous of her.....

Aaron:I'd bet a pr... (Below threshold)


I'd bet a pretty penny that, as soon as they get out of the house (e.g. go off to college), your daughters are gonna go through booze, pot and boys like there's no tomorrow.

I went to a prestigious university and saw this happen plenty.

No offense or anything, but hiding the real world from them doesn't prepare the girls for living in it.

ugly cunts get a life... (Below threshold)

ugly cunts get a life

hi id just like to say that... (Below threshold)

hi id just like to say that i think people would have better things to do with there time than to tease britney. oh yeh i forgot about you all being a sad pile of lozers. and as if your favourite singers could compare to britney anyway or in fact anyday. so why dont you leave her alone. seeing as you lot are so perfect GOODBYE !!!!!!!!!!

I find it very amusing that... (Below threshold)

I find it very amusing that the people standing up for Britney have nothing to do but insult those who have put forth an intelligent opinion.
Anyone who posted on here that has problems with Britney's influence did not result to insults such as "ugly cunts" and "lozers". Well done fatfuck and Gareth. You have indeed astounded us with your intelligence and ability to communicate your point of view.






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