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Don't Blame The FCC

On the off-chance "Daily Stern" writer Jeff Jarvis is looking for a new cause célèbre.....

Last Friday (March 26), Steve-O and Jackass members Chris Pontius and Wee Man were set to co-host The Dean Blundell Show, a morning show on Toronto rock station 102.1 The Edge. Well aware of their wacky antics, Edge Program Director Alan Cross made sure that the Jackass troupe agreed to abide by strict guidelines regarding graphic content and language before they entered the studio.

Of course, as soon as the show began the agreement was thrown out the window. According to a press release issued by the station, after repeated use of profanity and some questionable stunts, Blundell was told to cut the interview. However, the gross-out humour continued, with Steve-O urinating on the studio floor and performing a stunt called "Unwrapping The Mummy," which involved the "performance artist's" penis and some duct tape. The Jackass team was then physically removed from the studio by security.

Is anyone else as bored with this worn out schtick as I am?
"The members of the Dean Blundell Show are very aware of our programming policies," Cross said in the statement. "Because they didn't maintain control over the interview, because they clearly encouraged the on-air antics and because they didn't cut the interview when instructed to do so, Dean Blundell, Jason Barr and Todd Shapiro have all been suspended without pay effective immediately."

Blundell has since commented about the suspension saying that it was unfair and that he finds it frustrating that the show's namesake is held responsible for things that actually happen on his show. He also said that he would have more to say on the issue adding that he thought Fridays show was funny and compelling.

I don't get it. I don't get the Jeff Jarvis fixation on saving Howard Stern from the FCC himself, either. In virtually any other industry, any other vocation, this type of behavior would get one fired or one's employer fined or sued.

Don't believe me? Try wrapping your penis in duct tape at your desk some day for the entertainment of your co-workers. Piss on the floor. Invite your favorite twins in to display their tits at the weekly management meeting ... just try it. See how protected your "speech" is.

Yet, put a microphone or camera in front of someone and nudity and expletives undeleted in the work place becomes "freedom of speech". Fining or firing people for this behavior is repression. Censorship. Puritanism. Really? In my world, it's called consequence.

And if there are to be no potential consequences - no risk - for media cult figures, then what's all this "shock" bullshit about?

Risk-free shock?

How does that work, exactly?

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there is a slight differenc... (Below threshold)

there is a slight difference. In most cases, people don't patronize your place of business to see your favorite twins breasts. But in radio or TV guys cases, they do. Your ability to make people tune in is also creating a large group of people that call for your protecction under free speech laws. Me whipping it out at work doesn't make people want to frequent the business where I work, but it absolutely does make people want to tune in to those you're talking about. And where there are customers, you have a market for protection.

While I don't disagree with... (Below threshold)

While I don't disagree with your points, mrjerz, I find Jeff's fixation on Howard Stern tedious. I dropped him from my RSS reader because of it. Maybe once all this is settled, I'll subscribe to him again, but for the time being, Jeff is like a Chinese Water Torture.

Tell me when Stern goes to one of the satellite radio channels, and I'll know it's safe to put Jeff Jarvis back into my aggregator.

Invite your favorite twi... (Below threshold)

Invite your favorite twins in to display their tits at the weekly management meeting ... just try it.

hmmmm... At my last job that would have gotten me a promotion.

Sorry Kate, your points are well taken, I'm just the class clown.






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