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Heinz Seeks to Disavow Kerry Connection

I'm not sure exactly Why HEINZ is doing this. I thought egg on the face went with ketchup.

"It's just crazy," Foster said. "We haven't been involved in politics since Morris the Cat ran for president in 1988" when the company ran a spoof campaign with Morris, the face of Heinz 9 Lives cat food, as the finicky candidate.

May Kerry be as successful in his presidential bid as Morris was in '88.

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Trying to avoid a boycott? ... (Below threshold)

Trying to avoid a boycott?

May Kerry be less su... (Below threshold)

May Kerry be less successful than Morris.

Morris had wit, humor, sens... (Below threshold)
Hillel (Sabba) Markowitz:

Morris had wit, humor, sense, and senseability. John Kerry, the haughty, French looking senator from Massachusetts who, by the way, served in VietNam, has none of those qualities.

Oh yes, the Morris campaign was successful and helped sell Heinz products. Kerry's campaign will be the opposite of that.

Hello all... (Below threshold)

Hello all






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