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Make whoopie now or be dumb

Just one more reason sex is good for the body soul and mind.
"Berlin - Sex stimulates the brain and makes people more intelligent, claims a top German researcher.

Werner Habermehl, from the Hamburg Medical Research Institute, says that regular sexual intercourse promotes intelligence"


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Comments (5)

That kind of helps explain ... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

That kind of helps explain the Clinton Administration. Sort of inversely proportional to morals, though.

Wasn't this a Seinfeld epis... (Below threshold)

Wasn't this a Seinfeld episode?

Is that the same Seinfeld e... (Below threshold)

Is that the same Seinfeld episode, Are you master of your own domain?

Now it's going to be my fault for posting the s word that the paypal won't reinstate.

No worrries Shelli. PayPal... (Below threshold)

No worrries Shelli. PayPal told me to FOAD and I'm not really in the mood to force the issue if it's going to cost me money.

Ok, I got curious and had t... (Below threshold)

Ok, I got curious and had to look it up. The episode is called The Abstinence. George gives up sex for six weeks and becomes brilliant. Elaine also gives up sex and becomes a babbling idiot (like you could tell).






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