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MSIE No Workie

I've seen other bloggers do it and figured...while I've got your attention...why not?

My Internet Explorer simply doesn't work. When I click on the Icon, I get the hourglass and then the Wonderful Windows XP Window telling me that it must shut down the program etc. etc. would I like to submit a report...stopped doing that awhile ago when they're tech support told me it didn't matter, they never got a chance to see them....

I've tried reinstalling the current Service Pack...it tells me it's already installed. I've tried uninstalling and re-installing Explorer...again, it tells me it's already installed. Fine...I downloaded Netscape 7.1 and that works fine...except for the few things the REQUIRE MSIE and I do that from work if I have to...during lunch of course.

Now the fun part...sometimes I get the MSIE must shut down message when I'm not even IN MSIE!!! I understand when I'm using the media player etc., but when I'm playing a NON MS Game?!

I know there are some geniuses out there, I've read your comments, any ideas?

Comments (13)

If it's saying the Explorer... (Below threshold)

If it's saying the Explorer must shut down then it's not talking about IE, it's talking about Windows. That's most likely what you're seeing when IE isn't open.

For the rest...er...anybody? Bueller?

I can't help with your IE n... (Below threshold)

I can't help with your IE needs, but I just downloaded Mozilla Firefox and love it. So far I haven't had any issues with needing IE. It seems to be a nice blend of Netscape (tabbed browsing) and IE.

Firefox is good, and you ca... (Below threshold)
Rodne Dill:

Firefox is good, and you can decide if you want to see popup windows if you want or not. I still use all three
Netscape 7.1
IE 6.?
I still like Netscape for my mail

I had a similar problem at ... (Below threshold)

I had a similar problem at work this morning. I kept getting a an MSIE error message in an alert box.

I shut down my computer and it seems to be working fine now.

Alternate browsers are gene... (Below threshold)

Alternate browsers are generally better than IE. I use Safari, OmniWeb, Camino, Firefox, Mozilla. The first three are OS X only.

Have you rebooted the syste... (Below threshold)

Have you rebooted the system lately? If not, you may have a hung IE process running. Open Task Manager and look to see if you have an IEXPLORE.EXE process running. If so, kill it. Wait a few minutes, then try restarting IE.

I agree with the Firefox praises, and I use it almost exclusively in both the Windows environment at work and on my Linux box at home.

Someone mentioned using Netscape for mail. You might want to look at Thunderbird, which is the partner mail client to Firefox. It's at the Mozilla web site. very nice. I gave up KMail in Linux/KDE to use it.

The only thing I need MSIE ... (Below threshold)

The only thing I need MSIE for is windowsupdate.com

I use it to test my XHTML and CSS, of course... but that's just for those poor saps who use it.

FireFox for browsing, Thunderbird for e-mail. I honestly never looked back once I switched.

One word: Firefox.... (Below threshold)

One word: Firefox.

OK, two Windows Messengers ... (Below threshold)

OK, two Windows Messengers in XP. One is a pain in the ass to shut off and has nothing to do with IM. I'm thinking this is related to that and to Windows Explorer, as the previous commentor noted.

Hm, IE is crashing when it ... (Below threshold)

Hm, IE is crashing when it isn't even running? Sounds like you have some sort of spyware running on your machine in the background. I would run Spybot S&D and Ad-Aware to see just what's cooking.

I thought, I had to rebuild... (Below threshold)

I thought, I had to rebuild my computer cause all of a sudden it has been painful to use the internet.
I just downloaded firefox as suggested -back to high speed usage again .

One problem thou..Most of my stuff in my blog doesn't show up right in Firefox browser. I have some studying and re-code work in my future or my blogs future its a love hate thing.

Hmmm, surprised no one has ... (Below threshold)

Hmmm, surprised no one has mentioned Avant Browser. It works off of the IE engine. It's Pop-up blocker is first rate. The tabbed windows feature is fantastic. Only one browser window with new windows just opening another tab that is always visible. No more clicking different browser windows on the taskbar.

You know, this is kind of a... (Below threshold)

You know, this is kind of amazing. I asked for help trying to get my Explorer to work again and instead, most folks just told me to get a different browser.

And now I know why I'm getting out of my career field and crossing over to another one. I had NO idea that some of these other browsers were even out there. Of course I knew about IE and Netscape and was vaguely aware of Mozilla, but the rest? I've come to realize that my tech "awareness" hit it's peak in 1998 and has been slowly declining since.






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