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Richard Johnson of Page Six reports that radio badboys "Opie and Anthony" are planning a triumphant return. A closer read of the article indicates they have no offers and no prospects; just dreams.

As someone who listened to the broadcast that got them fired, I can assure you that this is pure bullshit posturing by O&A. No one is going to hire them in a high profile market, let alone put them back on the fast track of syndication that they were on before. They were the #2 show at Infinity and afternoon drive anchor in NYC, Philly, Boston, and DC before they got canned. Given the current regulatory climate none of the major radio conglomerates are going to touch these guys.

With FCC fines increasing to a maximum of $3 million a day for multiple infractions Opie and Anthony have as good a chance of landing a decent radio gig as you or I do. Sure they could go to satellite radio (assuming either company wants them), but they're not going to be bringing legions of fans with them.

Think I'm kidding? Notice that you don't hear much from Bubba The Love Sponge or The Greaseman these days...

Via: Instapundit

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I think they'll get a lot o... (Below threshold)

I think they'll get a lot of listeners disenchanted with Howard Stern's sudden change from apolitical comedian to Democrat shill. People like me listened to Stern for the laughs and for the girls, not for his political views. But when I last listened to him three weeks ago, he was complaining that Bush wasnt doing enough for the environment. The environment!! Who in the heck that listens to Sterns cares about the environment?

If O and A go head to head agasint Stern and keep their show politics free, they'll do well, and theyll pick up the hundreds of erstwhile Stern fans who are finding better people to listen to every day.

David, You nailed ... (Below threshold)


You nailed it. For the last month or so, I cannot listen to Stern. I have tried, but every time I venture back, he's off on a political rant. He's committing career suicide whether he knows it, cares about it, or neither.

I was disappointed when O&A were canceled. Head to head against Stern, I bet they kick his ass.

Does this make me a South Park Republican?


I thought I was the only to... (Below threshold)

I thought I was the only to bail on Howard since his anti-Bush epiphany. Once he started praising Al Franken's book, I was pretty much done.

I can't listen anymore. Even the non-political stuff would veer back to his "crucifixtion."

I wonder if his ratings are down since.

O&A could definately pull some listeners if they get the AM drive slot.

What makes Stern's recent b... (Below threshold)

What makes Stern's recent behavior all the MORE galling is that it goes against most of his oft-stated beliefs he's sold to his listeners over the years. He's without question a social moderate, fiscal conservative. The enviro-whacko schtick would have been lampooned by him just a few months ago.

That being said, I cannot see a possible upside for GWB in any of this. Frankly, it DOES make me feel like he's a bit too puritanical in his zeal to "clean up" America. With no political upside, all that's left is the chance that he REALLY BELIEVES it's his moral responsibility to go after sleaze.

I laud him for not being a 100% political animal and actually doing what's right, but he looks like a self-righteous maniac. I don't need GWB to tell me what I can listen to on the radio. I need him to protect me from terrorist animals. He may find Stern distasteful, but deciding from some higher moral perch that having naked women on the radio (think about that) is out of bounds to me gives some weight to the screetches of "CENSOR! BOOKBURNER! JESUS FREAK!" we hear eminating from the loony left.

This is a loser issue for almost everyone. Libertarians who supported Bush are finding a reason to move away from him, social conservatives that were already in his pocket don't care, and Stern is ending a glorious radio career with a pitiful, hate filled whimper. I guess GWB gets to feel good about himself.

And I like GWB.

Sorry to spam..For the reco... (Below threshold)

Sorry to spam..For the record, I've stopped listening to Stern after listening to him for years. I've had Curtis and Kubie on W770 here in NYC for the last 3 weeks. They bore me, but every time I think about switching back to Stern I remember how tedious and half hearted and ultimately pathetic his liberal attitude is and don't bother. After the first week I went back, and honestly, it was as if I had tuned into the same exact show a second time.

People who agree with Stern on the "censorship" issue are driven away by his automatic, brainless embrace of all things socialist. Who can possibly take him seriously on one issue if he's willing to shop all his old beliefs just because one guy, one president in 2004 maybe/possibly/could threaten his career? Is that all it takes for you to be a whore, Howard?

So I bailed, and I won't be back. I don't think he realizes how badly he's alienated his fans. He's probably getting alot of "GOOD FOR YOU"'s from the liberal echo chamber and forgets those people hate him and don't listen to the radio anyway.

Boy, it's like old home wee... (Below threshold)

Boy, it's like old home week around here.

Like Andrew, I'm disappointed that W et al. decided to push this issue, both because I want to listen to the sleeze and because it doesn't help him politically.

Stern complains, and properly so, about the religious right. What Stern fails to realize, however, is that the wacko left also wants him off the air. Does he really believe that Eleanor Smeal and her ilk would hesitate to pull the lever to shut him off?







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