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Smash Marches

Smash is organizing a "Support the Troops Rally" in San Diego for Saturday.

The idea is to provide a counter to a "Peace March" aimed at the 32nd Street Naval Station.

A note to all of you peace activists:

Thank you for your dissent. However, we've been in this war for almost 2 1/2 years now and the type of support we in the military would prefer is in the form of a little more...support!

You want to personally DO something? Send a check to the local base day care center and tell them that you'd like to help pay for some of the day care costs for the folks who are struggling. Organize a bunch of folks to do "free" day care so the spouses of deployed members can maybe get together and go out and see a movie or go shopping or just sit in a quiet house some Saturday afternoon. Get a group together and volunteer to help paint a house or two, mow some lawns, trim some bushes, help with spring cleaning, do some of the chores that those spouses are stuck doing all by themselves while their spouse is deployed.

Marching against the war in OUR name doesn't really make us feel better, it's kind of...THE OPPOSITE OF SUPPORT! Support is helping.

And I know that some of you believe that we really don't know what's good for us, and I hate to tell you this...but that's not very supportive either. That's called being condesceding...another one of those things that's the opposite of support.

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