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What To Buy?

We're going to need a beverage vending machine; the question is which one?

SkyBox by Maytag Personal Beverage VendorDouble Ease Medela Breastpump

I know, I know - TMI - deal with it.

Comments (7)

I'd go with the Medela but ... (Below threshold)

I'd go with the Medela but maybe that is just me.

The SkyBox returns tastier ... (Below threshold)

The SkyBox returns tastier product but the Medela is way more fun to use.

There you go with Adult mer... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

There you go with Adult merchandise again. You're never going to get off PayPal's S**tlist.

I know some women who would... (Below threshold)

I know some women who would disagree with you on the Medela, Jim. Vehemently.

But if you go go with the M... (Below threshold)

But if you go go with the Medela forget the C batteries and get one of these.

Trust me.

Boyd: Indeed.... (Below threshold)

Boyd: Indeed.

I let Hubby nickle-and-dime... (Below threshold)

I let Hubby nickle-and-dime me into getting a generic instead of the Medela. After an hour of pointless pain, I stuck that sucker on him. Three hours later, I had a Medela.

Of course, it took nearly a month for the hickey-like mark on his nipple to go away.






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