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We all knew Eason Jordan was scum but...

The Mariane Pearl-Eason Jordan Link

Eason Jordan, a CNN news exec who was deeply involved in the network's coverage of the kidnapping and murder of Wall Street Journal reporter Danny Pearl, is now romantically involved with Pearl's widow, Mariane, people familiar with the relationship told us yesterday.

As reports of the relationship swirled through CNN and other news circles, Jordan declined to comment and Pearl did not respond to our inquiries. Married for 16 years, with two children, the Atlanta-based Jordan, 43, got to know Pearl, 36, who now lives in New York, after Islamic terrorists killed her husband in Pakistan two years ago. Colleagues said they don't know how long Jordan and Pearl have been an item.

"I'm neither confirming it nor denying it," Matt Furman, a CNN spokesman, told us yesterday. "He's not going to speak. I can tell you we don't discuss the personal matters of any of our employees."

Said Jordan's wife, Susan, "I have absolutely no comment."

I just hope she knew about it BEFORE the WaPo called for a quote.

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How much is he paying her?<... (Below threshold)

How much is he paying her?

Can't be much. After all, she's had a kid in the past year.






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