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Belated Introduction

I was going to do this first but the week got away from me. If youíre curious about who I am and what my background isÖplease feel free to click below. If not, no hard feelings.

How the hell did you get invited to Kevinís backyard? I think some of my captions made him laugh.

Age: Early 40s.

Occupation: Master Sergeant, United States Air Force

Specialty: Information Management (Radar OíReilly with a computer and attitude.) But Iíve worked outside of my field on more than one assignment and now find pushing paper and electrons too boring for words, Iím working on changing that.
Assignments: 7 so far. Mostly in the West in CONUS, two in the Pacific, one in Europe.

Deployments: 1. Operation Desert Storm.

Opinions Expressed Here: Simply my own and in no way reflect the official stance of the USAF, the DOD, or any other Acronyms I may or may not belong to.

Marital Status: Happily married to Beautiful Wife. One son, Boyo, age 7.

Education: More than some officers but in ďuselessĒ things like Theater, History, Philosophy, Theology, and other liberal arts. I LOVE physics and other hard science, but Iím honest enough to know that Iím an, ďAlgebra is hard.Ē kind of guy. I wanted to be a starving actorÖit workedÖI joined the Air Force. The Air Force and I seemed to get alongÖI stayed. They were and still are much less strict than the Jebbies at Loyola.

Religion: Iím sure thereís a God, Iím not sure which religion has got the ďrightĒ way to Him, Her, It, Whatever. No, I wouldnít like to discuss it. I believe, I pray, I read lots of different literature. I believe that the search is the important part, not the destination. Yes, I still attend mass sometimes, no I donít believe everything the church says is right.

Political Leanings: That depends on the issue. In some ways Iím very conservative, almost libertarian, in other ways Iím very liberal, but nowhere near socialist. I was born and raised in Chicago so I my political education began in the last stronghold of the conservative democrats. Theyíre mostly gone now. Donít see them very often. Sometimes I think the last one died with Da Mayor. Nationally, Iíve voted both Democratic and Republican. This year is a no brainer, Iíll be voting Republican. Mr. Kerry lost me when he said the war on terror was best served through law enforcement and intelligence. I know Iím not the smartest guy on the planet, but Jeez. I don't agree with everything the President does, but if I agreed with any politician 100% I'd be very very worried about my mental health.

Pro Abortion or Anti Abortion?: My opinion is simply this. What any other person, man or woman, wants to do with their body is their business, not mine. That trumps any other argument. Not my body, not my business. Any other opinions I have on the matter are trumped by that.

Gay rights: I donít care who youíre sleeping with, if youíre an American, the Constitution applies to you, not more, certainly not less. Iíve got gay and lesbian friends, Iíd trust any of them with my son.

Gun Control or NRA?: Once my son is older and I can get us all through a gun safety course, Iíll be exercising my rights under the Second Amendment. Iíll probably join the NRA then if only for the insurance. However, I understand why folks growing up in a large city might feel that gun control is the answer. I donít agree with them, but I do understand them. Do I think everyone should be able to go down to the local ShopMart and buy an M16? Nope. But I'd like mine thank you very much.

Israel or Palestine? I donít remember exactly when it happened, I donít know why it happened, but it happened. One day another freaking bomb went off and I saw a clip on TV and there was this bloody doll in the middle of the street. Iíve been 100% for Israel ever since. Yes, I think the folks that lived there when Israel moved in back in the 40s got a raw deal. As long as the current folks keep targeting civilians, I have no more sympathy for them. They blew it up.

Should we have gone into Iraq? Abso-freaking-lutely! Do I think the President lied about, misguided or even fudged the WMD issue? No. Disregarding all of that, Iím still a bit pissed that we didnít finish the job in 1991. If we have anything to be ashamed about, itís that we let the atrocities there happen as long as we did and that we didn't call bullshit on the resolutions earlier.

The United Nations? Sure, sounds like a wonderful idea, how do you propose we get there?

And now Iím tired and need to go to sleep so I can wake up at oh-my-GOD itís early so I can keep fitting into my uniform. A note for you younger folks...enjoy the time in your life when your metabolism is still working at optimum.

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Nicely done, Timmer. Thank... (Below threshold)

Nicely done, Timmer. Thank you for sharing.






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