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Fallujah Delenda Est

Back in high school in the early 80's, when I was just starting to get politically aware, I used to irritate people by describing Communism as "the perfect system for the perfect people." Then I'd add "and as soon as we have perfect people, it'll work." The idea I was trying to convey was that Communism sounded great, but was incredibly impractical to be carried out in the real world.

Since then I've evolved in my thinking. Communism isn't simply a beautiful but impractical construction, it's utterly unworkable and actually plays into the worst in human beings. It's a Rene Magritte painting of political philosophy -- looks great on paper, completely impossible in reality. And attempts to realize it inevitably end in disaster.

I'm starting to see Islam in a similar light. The Koran is filled with beautiful sentiments and rules, and indeed if everyone lived their lives in accordance with it's tenets, perhaps the world would be a better place. But everywhere it's been tried, it's been nothing but an unending stream of brutality, oppression, atrocities, and general inhumanity.

I've also noticed a disturbing pattern when it comes to terrorist incidents. When some grand incident occurs, one faction immediately leaps to the conclusion of blaming "those damn ragheads," while the other side proclaims "Islam is a religion of peace, and you are racist/bigoted/intolerant for leaping to those conclusions!" Then, later, when the identity of the perpetrators is discovered (excluding Timothy McVeigh, Ted Kaczynski, and the Aum Shinryku cult, they HAVE been Muslim), the defenders of Islam immediately say "but you cannot blame Islam for this!"

That's what truly bothers me. Their initial reaction is not to condemn the perpetrators, but to distance themselves from it. When Baruch Goldstein killed 29 Muslims in Hebron 10 years ago, the Israeli government immediately condemned it and him in the strongest possible terms. The reaction of the Israeli people, with a few nutcase extremist exceptions, reacted with shock, horror, and shame.

When 19 Muslims killed over 3,000 people on 9/11/01, the general reaction among Muslims (excluding those who didn't dance and rejoice, which was a percentage orders of magnitude greater than Jews over Goldstein) was "you cannot blame Islam for this!" Well, that and "it is to be expected, given the Americans' support of Israel and it's brutal occupation of Palestine." No unqualified condemnation, no shame, no shock, no horror. Simply "don't blame us, blame the Jews."

And now the obscenity that was the slaughter in Fallujah.

The best solution I've heard so far: give the residents of Fallujah one week to come out. Interrogate all males between the ages of 15 and 65 to see their roles in the slaughter (and carefully study the footage that's been seen around the world) and deal with those that are guilty. The rest get dispersed around Iraq (preferably in Shiite and Kurdish strongholds) and kept apart. Then, finally, the city gets levelled -- along with any who have refused to leave. Let no brick stand atop another.

It's ugly, it's brutal, it's unfair, and it's probably illegal. But it's probably the only thing that will effectively deter more Fallujah massacres. We owe it to all the other Coalition personnel (military and civilian) to keep them safe, and we owe it to the Iraqi people to show them that the thugs and murderers will not be allowed free reign any more.

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My approach is broadly similar.

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A Gift For Fallujah…

Undoubtedly, the citizens of Fallujah will continue their shamefully brutal attacks. To simply level the city would be illegal. But, after several weeks of "anti-terror campaigns," the result will be the same. Roads to the city will be closed, opposition strongholds will be bombed and bombed and bombed, and they will be left with nothing.

I think it starts to come d... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

I think it starts to come down to what are the tenants of the Islamic faith. In the country there are many people that practice their Islamic faith in a peaceful manner. But, what do Mohammed and the Koran teach? I have heard that both endorse killing of infidel's, all those that are not Moslems. I don't know to what extent their beliefs teach this as I am no scholar in their religion. I would certainly like to hear what others say about those aspects of the Islamic faith.

The Christian faith had some dark days itself, in the middle ages and at times following they incorrecly persecuted others that were not Christian. This behavior is not supported in the Bible, and is not a major belief of the different Christian religions. This was caused by many misguided individuals that lead the church at that time.

My main point is that a religion, at least some segment of it will return to the main tenants of its faith from time to time. Are the main beliefs that Islam is based on peaceful, (and not just to other Moslems) or belligerent. It doesn't really matter that there are many peaceful moslems if what they are following is not really supported in the tenants of their faith.






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