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No word yet...

I'm hoping that Kevin's cellphone has a built-in camera so we can get a picture today, in addition to the rest of the vital statistics.

While we wait you can have a guess at what the baby will be named. FYI - they're expecting a boy.

Update: The big moment arrives.


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Comments (10)

Detrius... (Below threshold)


The obvious winner is: Kevi... (Below threshold)

The obvious winner is: Kevin

Just so we can add one more person to the Wizbang post of all the Kevins!!!

Ahmed Yassin Aylward... (Below threshold)

Ahmed Yassin Aylward

Just so you know, the twins... (Below threshold)

Just so you know, the twins are named Flotsam and Jetsam. Work from there.

I'm hoping they pick my per... (Below threshold)

I'm hoping they pick my personal favorite: Tarquin.

John F'n Aylward... (Below threshold)

John F'n Aylward

Aloysius Abdul Aylward.... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Aloysius Abdul Aylward.

Or Francis Albert Roger Timothy.


I vote for George. As in "I... (Below threshold)

I vote for George. As in "I'll hug him and pet him and call him..."

Or, if they want to carry their theme through the whole roster of children, they could name him "Detritus."

<a href="http://ask.slashdo... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:
Chum... (Below threshold)







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