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Wanna avoid road rage?

I spend a lot of time on the road for my job. And, naturally, I think of myself as a pretty good driver. (Who doesn't?) So I'm going to hijack this forum that Kevin so foolishly let open to a clod like me (especially while he's distracted over his imminent spawning) and toss out my pet peeves on the road, and invite others to add their own in.

1. SLOWER TRAFFIC KEEP RIGHT. If you're not actively passing someone, get your carcass out of the leftmost lane (or, as we call it here in Cow Hampshire, the "passing lane"). Left-lane squatters drive me NUTS, especially since it's technically illegal to pass on the left here.

2. USE YOUR BLINKERS WHEN CHANGING LANES. You wanna cut in front of me, that's fine -- I'll live with it. Just give me a little warning before you lunge in front of me and shove me off the road.

3. IF YOUR WIPERS ARE ON, SO SHOULD YOUR HEADLIGHTS. I got this one off the guys from "Car Talk." So what if you can see just fine? Your car's lights aren't just to let you see -- they're to let you BE seen, as well. Especially if you have a silver, gray, or other light-colored car -- you blend in very nicely with rain and mist.

Those are my big three. Anyone else want to vent?


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I'm in the Detroit area, so... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

I'm in the Detroit area, so I've got plenty of traffic problems. Here's a couple, I'm sure I'll be back to add more by the end of the day.

If you're being passed or gained on, on the freeway don't speed up at the last minute. I can't believe how many times (even with Cruise Control on), that I'm driving faster than, and passing someone on my right, when I get even with them they are suddenly magically going just as fast, or faster, than myself.

The corollary is, when you pass someone and pull in front, maintain at least the speed you had when you were gaining on them. Again I will be driving with cruise control on, someone will pass me, pull in front of me and suddenly I need to hit the brakes or pass them, because they slow down.

# 3 is the law in many stat... (Below threshold)

# 3 is the law in many states, including Illinois, but many people don't realize it.

I've got another one: "If you can't figure out how a 4-way stop sign works when there's lots of traffic coming from all directions, take a route that avoids them. Or better yet, stay home."

Accelerating and/or Slowing... (Below threshold)

Accelerating and/or Slowing in the normal traffic lanes instead of the accel/decel/merge lane.

applying eyeliner or other ... (Below threshold)

applying eyeliner or other eye make-up while driving

Clarification to Jay's #1. ... (Below threshold)
Rodney dill:

Clarification to Jay's #1. Going 0.25 to 0.50 mph faster than the person to your right is NOT actively passing them.

...especially since it's... (Below threshold)

...especially since it's technically illegal to pass on the left here.

Wow, I knew New Hampshire was different, J, but I didn't realize you guys were quite that different. ;-)

I'm with you, Rodney. I wish more folks would drive using their cruise control, but a lot of them are afraid of it. But it keeps you from doing the sorts of things you describe without thinking about it.

If I do it, I know I'm doing it. :D

Emergency flashers do not m... (Below threshold)

Emergency flashers do not make you immune to traffic laws, expecially those concerning parking.

If you can't see pavement b... (Below threshold)

If you can't see pavement between your car and mine, YOU'RE TOO [email protected]#[email protected]! CLOSE!

(Arkansas Only) A highway patrolman idling in the median of a 70MPH freeway IS NOT a reason to slow to 40MPH, "just to be safe".

3a. IF IT'S NIGHT, YOUR HEA... (Below threshold)



OK, OK, Boyd, you got me --... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

OK, OK, Boyd, you got me -- passing on the RIGHT is illegal here. For a moment I forgot this was NEW Hampshire, and was thinking of English traffic laws.

Rodney, EXCELLENT modification -- "I AM passing! I'm about even with his rear bumper, and I'll be in front of him in about 5 miles, so shut up and leave me alone!"


Let's see... building off o... (Below threshold)

Let's see... building off of Matt's:

If the kindly police cruiser is doing 45 in a 55 zone, you do not have to do 45 as well. Pass him.


Don't speed in school zones because a kid can do a lot of damage to your car.


I just let you over in front of me, in bad traffic, where is my goddamn thanks, you ingrate?!


No, I'm not going to give you a 6-car length berth for merging - here's your opening, take it, or you get to be the idiot stuck at the end of the acceleration lane.


Lane ends 500 feet does not mean you have 499.99 feet to get your sorry ass over.






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