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Wizbang Radio Dead Pool

Air America, Al Franken's insane fantasy trip into broadcast journalism, is off the ground.

The more I read about Air America, the more I'm convinced this is going to be an 8 month informercial for John Kerry. (Conveniently bypassing campaign finance laws.)

Consider examples from this story.

Al Franken, who is headlining the network with a daily three-hour talk show, has made no secret of his intention to use his platform to influence the election in November.

"We are flaming swords of justice," Franken told a cheering crowd at a party to launch the network Tuesday night. "Bush is going down, he is going down, he is going down. And we're going to help him."

The "Flaming Swords of Justice?" WTF? Is he doing radio because Saddam would not hire him to be the next Baghdad Bob?

"I don't think of it as a business, but I know it has to make money to be sustaining," Franken said in an interview, perching his feet up on the desk after a rehearsal session for the show. "A lot of it is mission."...

[Air America CEO Mark] Walsh, a former America Online executive and adviser to the Democratic National Committee, said liberal politics would be a "teaser ... a loss leader in the window" for the radio network,

Even the CEO of the joint admits that liberal ideas are so unpopular that they can't support a radio show. Clearly its days are numbered.

So today I am launching (in Kevin's absence) "The Wizbang Radio Dead Pool."

The idea was obvious but I'd be lying if I did not admit, I swiped the name form Laurence of Amish Tech Support.

You know the drill, all you have to do is guess what day these losers pull the plug and if you are the closest to the actual date, you win a prize.

I have not figured out what the exact prize(s) will be but I have a few ideas that I am working on. Let's just suffice it to say that one idea is worth well over 100 bucks and one involves a trip thru my fairly extensive wine collection. (a chaperoned trip mind you, leave the dusty bottles alone. ;-)

I guess I'll make up a few rules off the top of my head... um....

1. You must have your entries in within the month of April.
2. You can only enter once unless you bribe the judge. (that would be me)
3. As no one can accurately predict the future, everyone is eligible including anyone associated with wizbangblog.com or Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe, the accounting firm tallying the entries.
4. If your date passes you will have one chance to pick an alternative. (maybe, ideas?)
5. Bribing the jude will be punishable by me declaring you the winner.
6. I reserve the right to change any and all of the rules as I see fit. (mostly because I only spent about 2 minutes thinking about it.)
7. OH- Anyone who links to this post can enter twice. (is that shameless enough for you?)

If you have any ideas for "rules" feel free to drop them along with your guess. BTW you are guessing the date they will ANNOUNCE that the party is over. If it takes them another few weeks to close the doors that is immaterial. The day the news breaks that it bombed, that is the day we have a winner.

OH and if you want to drop me a note, I can be reached at paul -at- wizbangblog.com

OK hit me with your best guess.


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Comments (12)

Since I am eligible too, I'... (Below threshold)

Since I am eligible too, I'm guessing 30 days after the election.

July 4th.... (Below threshold)

July 4th.

October 31st, 2004... (Below threshold)

October 31st, 2004

Come on, it's appropriate these people are scary, why shouldn't they become ghosts on Halloween!

February 1, 2005... (Below threshold)

February 1, 2005

Greg, (and anyone else) don... (Below threshold)

Greg, (and anyone else) don't miss rule 7, if you trackback you get to guess twice.

November 11, 2004. Right af... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

November 11, 2004. Right after the election, AND Veteran's Day. Double whammy for the libs. Besides, they say they have enough cash on hand for a few months, and they'll get SOME ad revenues...


Err America will last well ... (Below threshold)

Err America will last well past the election - there is enough money in the leftist fever swamps to float this turd well past the election. Give me February 2006.

August 2nd, 2004... (Below threshold)

August 2nd, 2004

6 June. It was the beginni... (Below threshold)

6 June. It was the beginning of the end for National Socialism, why not the current Socialist movement?

Right after Labor Day - aft... (Below threshold)

Right after Labor Day - after all, they've gotta justify the summer...[g]

January 22, 2005... (Below threshold)

January 22, 2005

May 24, 2004.Their... (Below threshold)

May 24, 2004.

Their NYC Arbitron numbers come out on the 21st. If they don't score at 2.3 or better, Percy Sutton (WLIB's owner) is gonna have to pull the plug, leaving them with no station in the three biggest markets.






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