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Finally... It's A Boy!

Joseph Paul Aylward
Born 4/2/04 2:42PM
8 lbs. 11oz.

It was quite a day here. Mom, dad, and baby are all doing fine. The very kind nurses at the hospital are taking good care of all of us.

The second time in to have a baby (we had twins the first time) sure is different than the first. First of all there was no deer in the headlights look. The routine was familiar and substantially more enjoyable. My swaddling technique is very rusty; I'll have to work on that...

Thanks for all the kind words and well wishes!

A few pictures from this afternoon are available below...

Click to view larger image.
Click to view larger image.
Click to view larger image.


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Comments (59)

Yay!!! Congrats to you and ... (Below threshold)

Yay!!! Congrats to you and Mrs. Wizbang and the boys.

When does he start blogging?

Big kid. Are mother, father... (Below threshold)

Big kid. Are mother, father, and brothers doing all right?

Just no icky pics ok? Many ... (Below threshold)

Just no icky pics ok? Many biological functions make me squeamish.

You know, it's people like ... (Below threshold)

You know, it's people like you that make Loudoun County keep growing. I'm not sure we can afford this rampant growth if kids like Joe keep popping out willy-nilly. Quick, call Eugene Delgaudio and let's see how this effects our property tax rates!

All seriousness aside, congratulations!

Congrats to you and Mrs. Wi... (Below threshold)

Congrats to you and Mrs. Wizbang!

Yay!... (Below threshold)


Congratulations... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:


Congratulations!!! (Phew, ... (Below threshold)

Congratulations!!! (Phew, I have two boys - they're a handful)

Congratulations, Kevin!... (Below threshold)

Congratulations, Kevin!

Congratulations! That's a m... (Below threshold)

Congratulations! That's a much better name choice as well. ;-)

Congratulations! That's a ... (Below threshold)

Congratulations! That's a lot of testosterone you'll have around the house.

Congrats! I like the way hi... (Below threshold)

Congrats! I like the way his birthday and birthtime are all 2'4 & 4's= it portends a wonderful life.

Just wanted to say congratu... (Below threshold)

Just wanted to say congratulations! It's a beautiful name.

Congratulations to you and ... (Below threshold)

Congratulations to you and yours.

Congratulations! "... (Below threshold)


"It's a boy, Mrs. Wizbang, It's boy!" *** cue music from Tommy ***

Congratulations Kevin. Gla... (Below threshold)

Congratulations Kevin. Glad to hear everything went well.

Do they still make you go i... (Below threshold)
Dave in Texas:

Do they still make you go in there where everything is happening?!? Dang, I hated that!

Kidding. All the best dad, mom, and little one.

Whew! Those pics are nice. ... (Below threshold)

Whew! Those pics are nice. No strange substances seen. My stomach and I thank you.

I guess this means the dire... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

I guess this means the director's coming back soon and all us inmates will get locked back in our cells...

Seriously, congrats to Mrs. Wiz, Big Wiz, and all the little Wizettes on the addition. Pictures 2 and 3 remind me of Steven Wright's bit about finding the diary he'd kept as a baby.

"Day 1: Still tired from the move.

Day 2: Everyone talks to me like I'm an IDIOT."

Enjoy the baby, Kevin; we'll try to keep things to a dull roar around here.


Congratulations!! ... (Below threshold)


May he stay safe, stay well, and grow wise.

Very Best Wishes!

Mazel Tov! ... (Below threshold)

Mazel Tov!

congratulations!!!!!!!!! f... (Below threshold)

congratulations!!!!!!!!! fantastic! brilliant! awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

God bless all. That's wond... (Below threshold)

God bless all. That's wonderful!

Congrats!... (Below threshold)


WOOHOO! Congrats to all of... (Below threshold)

WOOHOO! Congrats to all of you!

Have you reserved a domain name yet for WizBangBabyBlog...?

Oh yeah! Congratulations!</... (Below threshold)

Oh yeah! Congratulations!

Well.... I'm glad after all... (Below threshold)

Well.... I'm glad after all the hinting that at least I made the middle name!

Good Luck to you all.


He's soo beautiful! Congra... (Below threshold)

He's soo beautiful! Congratulations to all the Wizbangers!

Congratulations, Kevin. :)<... (Below threshold)

Congratulations, Kevin. :)

Congratulations!... (Below threshold)
David Blue:


Congrats Kevin!!!!... (Below threshold)

Congrats Kevin!!!!

He looks very healthy--heal... (Below threshold)

He looks very healthy--healthier than when my brother was a newborn. My brother had jaundice and was yellow. Whats that sticker on his stomach?

Congratulations! All my bes... (Below threshold)

Congratulations! All my best to baby, mom, and dad. :)

Cecile - that's a skin temp... (Below threshold)

Cecile - that's a skin temperature monitor.

Awwwwwww, congrats! I wish ... (Below threshold)

Awwwwwww, congrats! I wish him a long, healthy life full of happiness! (And to both of you, I hope you have fun and enjoy parenting!)

Yay! I love babies!<p... (Below threshold)

Yay! I love babies!

Congratulations to son and mommy! (and dad!)

Congratulations! Joy, succ... (Below threshold)

Congratulations! Joy, success, pride and best wishes for you all!

Hmm... on second glance, th... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Hmm... on second glance, the boy don't look quite done yet. Better pop him back in for a little longer.



WOW! What a cutie!! :) Con... (Below threshold)

WOW! What a cutie!! :) Congrats on the new baby!! :)

The fun has just begun, Kev... (Below threshold)

The fun has just begun, Kevin. Congratulations to you and your family.

Congratulations, Kevin. He... (Below threshold)

Congratulations, Kevin. He's beautiful.

Oh my God! He looks like Te... (Below threshold)

Oh my God! He looks like Ted Kennedy!


Congratulations! What a bi... (Below threshold)

Congratulations! What a big handsome boy!

WOO HOO!!!!... (Below threshold)


I only know you indirectly,... (Below threshold)

I only know you indirectly, but I accepted exvigilare's invite to offer congrats.

It never occured to me that "Fruit of the Loom" was a pun until I read the part of the Bible that says "Children are a blessing from the Lord, and the fruit of the womb a reward..."

Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Wi... (Below threshold)

Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Wizbang. Best wishes to Joe.

Congrats Aylwards and Welco... (Below threshold)

Congrats Aylwards and Welcome to the Blogosphere, Future Blogger Joseph!

Congrats Kevin. I am sure y... (Below threshold)

Congrats Kevin. I am sure you and the wife are really happy to have that ordeal over and have a healthy baby boy. I am especially sure your wife is happy to have the ordeal over and done with. ;)

Congratulations Kevin!!!</p... (Below threshold)

Congratulations Kevin!!!

Well done !!!... (Below threshold)

Well done !!!

Well done !!!... (Below threshold)

Well done !!!

Oh happy day!!! Such wonder... (Below threshold)

Oh happy day!!! Such wonderful news!!! Glad to hear baby and mom are doing well. Enjoy those early days, they sure do go fast!!


Oh wow, and is he cute!!!</... (Below threshold)

Oh wow, and is he cute!!!

Congratulations and all, bu... (Below threshold)

Congratulations and all, but I hope you don't expect for us to grant you any slack on blog postings. We've seen new fathers and mothers try to pull that "Oh, I'm Too Busy Raising My Offspring" stunt before.

Be assured. We're all watching.

Congratulations! Wizbang, t... (Below threshold)

Congratulations! Wizbang, the Next Generation, has arrived.

I am waaaayyy late, but con... (Below threshold)

I am waaaayyy late, but congratulations. Very cute baby. Glad to hear it all went so well.

Lordy, that's one big boopi... (Below threshold)

Lordy, that's one big boopie. Looks like he's ready to tear into a Bud and a bag of pork rinds.


I have been informed of thi... (Below threshold)

I have been informed of this blessed event and on behalf of the entire board of Supervisors allow me to state officially that every new born child is a blessing from God Almighty and that fact together with the wonderful Mr. And Mrs. Wizbang there is a direct increase in grace for them and the entire county. Your child actually brings the school system an extra $16,000 a year from the state when you fill out the school census. So for the 6 years before he is required to be in school (public, private or homeschooled), the county has a net cash surplus from your child of $80,000.00 Thank you for helping out Loudoun County. I will, as always, attempt to stop them from wasting it on boondoggles and land schemes.

hi:)) Be proud of yo... (Below threshold)

Be proud of yours sun.. And love him always:)
have a nice day






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