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Hell's Angels Have Rights

...and apparently legal representation as well based on this action. Though I guess I never thought of there being a strong Hell's Angels presence in Finland.

HELSINKI, Finland (AP) - When graduating from a high school called "Hellu," wearing a class shirt that reads "Hellus Angels" might seem like harmless school spirit - unless it's worn in a bar where Hells Angels members have strong feelings about trademark infringement.

After a student at the Helsinki school was pressured to hand over the shirt to two bikers at a local bar, the school received a request to collect all the remaining shirts and forfeit them to the Finland chapter of the Hells Angels motorcycle club, the Finnish newspaper Iltalehti said Friday.

I suppose Hell, MI must have a local chapter. My wife has been there, but she hasn't driven me there yet.

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my uncle jonzi was a dpmc f... (Below threshold)

my uncle jonzi was a dpmc fo 34 years,and imiss him he was agraete brother and more. i would lik to probate for the angles

please reply .... (Below threshold)

please reply .






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