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Affirmative Action Survey Results

from The Los Angeles Times

I thought these results were interesting because they seem to indicate that, though 58% of those surveyed did not believe that the U.S. was close to ending racial discrimination (30% thought we were fairly close, and 8% very close), the majority did not believe that affirmative action was the right way to solve the problem.

Of the results, the most interesting to me were these:

55% of those polled approved of President Bush's opposition to the University of Michigan "program of racial preferences for minority applicants." 27% disapproved.

For college admissions, 57% of those polled believed that colleges should consider only a student's academic record--and not factors like geographic location, ethnicity, or gender. 33% favored considering such factors in an attempt to create a balanced student body.

I'm not appealing to public opinion as a reason to change policy, of course. But I did find it interesting that there seemed to be this level of opposition to AA programs--sometimes it's nice to know that I'm not the only one:) The 57% of people who thought colleges should consider only a student's academic record was especially surprising, as many people argue for AA in the name of balance and diversity.

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