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Dems should be careful what they wish for

You would have though they learned their lesson with Oliver North.

The Democrats had the national stage to themselves with Richard Clarke. Their side of the story was the only one getting out. Then for some unknown reason they decided to "force" Dr. Rice to testify before the 9/11 commission.

I have a feeling that will prove to be a blunder of epic proportions.

Anyone who underestimates Dr. Rice's ability does so at their own peril. There is a saying in talk radio, "People only remember the thing you say last." Such will be the case with Dr. Rice. Giving her the opportunity to present her side of the case last will be incredibly powerful.

In their eagerness to bash Reagan, the Democrats embarrassed themselves with Oliver North. I just can't help but thinking that we are watching history repeat itself.

In Oliver North you a man in that crisp Marine uniform creating a striking visual. When Dr. Rice takes the stage you will have the whole nation watching a black female taking the most prominent position in politics a black female has ever achieved. It will be a powerful visual image.

Imagine it... A bunch of old fart white men "attacking" a black woman and the black woman having all the answers.

The Whitehouse could not buy this press.

I'm sure the Democrats thought it was a good idea to put her up before the camera. Don't be too surprised if next Thursday they realize they goofed.

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The Republicans went after ... (Below threshold)

The Republicans went after Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas still got to put on a pretty black robe...

As I remember, (which may n... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

As I remember, (which may not be that well) Clarence and Anita were in the spotlight at more or less the same time. Probably with Clarence getting the last word.

In this instance it looks like Condi is last and well after Clarke and others as far a media cycles goes. A lot will depend on her testimony, but if she holds strong as is likely it bodes well for the Bush Administration.

Clarke has somewhat sunk himself by promoting a self serving book. (whereas, Condi's self serving book will not be announced until after the Post-Bush era, around 2009 I'm betting. )

Anita Hill is no Condoleezz... (Below threshold)

Anita Hill is no Condoleezza Rice.

Probably with Clarence g... (Below threshold)

Probably with Clarence getting the last word.

Geeze! You don't remember Clarence's last word about a high tech lynching???

Yeah, he had the final word.

Besides you have the wrong analogy Laurence. Anita was out there and they had to counter her. In this case Anita would play the part of Clarke... That would be the loser.

Bush has a remarkable histo... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Bush has a remarkable history of giving his adversaries just enough rope to hang themselves. He's also amazingly consistent at getting underestimated. I sincerely hope this is another one of those incidents.


Isn't that misunderestimate... (Below threshold)

Isn't that misunderestimated? LOL

But I agree.






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