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Just when you thought it was safe

Just when you thought it was safe to go on a Sunday drive..
There is a new kind of drive by, to worry about.

State lawmakers are working on a bill that's the first of its kind in the nation.. It deals with what's known as "drive-by porn". The law would ban anyone from watching dirty movies in their car if other people can see it.

"The driver was accused of breaking state laws prohibiting watching TV while driving, as well as another law making it illegal to exhibit sexually explicit material in a public place."
I always thought, TV in vehicles were one of my biggest distractions while I was driving. Itís easy to be caught up in thinking what is that, seeing a light then changing then realizing its a TV show in front of you. In that moment, I have jeopardized the lives of my passengers, myself and the cars around me on a freeway for taking my attention off of what it should be, driving.

As a parent I would take offense to someone who is watching adult entertainment in their vehicle in view of all around. I don't want my children to even point out such things.
They are too young to be exposed to adult things. I fear the day, I have to explain to my children what they are seeing while Iím driving.

The way I see it -good for you if you have such entertainment. But there, is a line that should not be crossed when viewing such material. If it can be seen easily seen from a vehicle even from a home from the sidewalk I have a problem with it.
An arrest, for poor choice, in viewing material in a vehicle maybe extreme. I think a fine would be more of an appropriate choice.
When owning such movies, there has to be some maturity, responsibility and consideration of others. Some adult movies even state don't make anyone watch against their will and should be of age.


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More to the point, watching... (Below threshold)

More to the point, watching porn while driving is a hazard to other drivers as not only are you distracted from watching the road, your hands may be occupied.

Think it is more dangerous than using a cell phone.

This would explain the prem... (Below threshold)

This would explain the premature washer fluid expulsion from that truck that was in front of me on I-75 last night.






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