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Tax Protest

Some interesting websites I've come across:

April 15th: The Fear Factor

Bob Graham's Blog

Both are related to what appears to be a growing movement of people who are making the claim that the IRS is deceiving the public into paying more tax than is actually required by law. I don't know enough about tax law to comment--but check it out.

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OK who broke the template? ... (Below threshold)

OK who broke the template? The site is busted in IE and Firefox! Figured this was as good a place as any to tell you.

I'm using IE, and it looks ... (Below threshold)

I'm using IE, and it looks fine to me...

I noticed it was messed up ... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

I noticed it was messed up for a little while (all the entries but the first were full-screen, and half hidden behind the left column), but it's fine now. I briefly thought about trying to fix it, but instead went and lay down until the feeling passed.







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