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Blix jumps the shark (again)

Report: Blix Says Iraq Worse Off After War

COPENHAGEN (Reuters) - The costs of the war in Iraq have outweighed the benefits of removing Saddam Hussein, former U.N. weapons inspector Hans Blix told a Danish newspaper.

"It's positive that Saddam and his bloody regime is gone, but when one weighs the costs, it's clearly the negative aspects that dominate," Blix told daily Jyllands-Posten in an interview.

I can see his point... With all the mass graves and torture chambers the U.S. has filled the Iraqis are way worse off then they were under Saddam.

If you ever needed proof of Blix's motives you can now have it.

and BTW Kevin- thanks for having a special category for asshats, it makes my job easier.

UPDATE: As usual, James has some interesting points to make about it.... Even if some of his commenters only see the recent problems as political opportunity.

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OF COURSE Iraq is worse off... (Below threshold)

OF COURSE Iraq is worse off now than before the war! All those mass graves were nice and tidy, now they're all dug up! Countless brutal thugs and torturers are now unemployed, imprisoned, on the run, or dead! The whole economy has been disrupted; lots of Iraqis who made fortunes under Saddam have lost everything! Iraq's once-mighty military has been crushed and humiliated!

I think it's time we started a drive to restore Saddam and put Iraq back the way it was before we invaded. I got some wooden nickels, Confederate dollars, a Continental or two, and a couple Reichmarks I could pledge...


Blix has quit, retired, fir... (Below threshold)

Blix has quit, retired, fired, resigned, (did I leave any out?) how many months ago?

Yet the media continue to follow him like disconsolate lap dogs waiting for another handout.

He has nothing of importance to say at this point.

Just four more words for the media.







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