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Clinton: Al Qaeda? Who's Al Qaeda?

Al Qaeda absent from final Clinton report

The final policy paper on national security that President Clinton submitted to Congress 45,000 words long makes no mention of al Qaeda and refers to Osama bin Laden by name just four times.

The scarce references to bin Laden and his terror network undercut claims by former White House terrorism analyst Richard A. Clarke that the Clinton administration considered al Qaeda an "urgent" threat, while President Bush's national security adviser, Condoleezza Rice, "ignored" it.

[Richard Clark a liar... Who woulda thunk it? -ed]

The Clinton document, titled "A National Security Strategy for a Global Age," is dated December 2000 and is the final official assessment of national security policy and strategy by the Clinton team. The document is publicly available, though no U.S. media outlets have examined it in the context of Mr. Clarke's testimony and new book.

Ok tell the truth... Did that last line surprise you?


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Comments (5)

Excellent post, wish I woul... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Excellent post, wish I would have thought of it (before you). I'll try to do the reload before my post next time.
In this case my slant is a little different as my view is that the media missed the boat on ignoring the evidence that Al Qaeda was not a Clinton prioirity based on their own coverage over that eight year span.

Great minds think alike, bu... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

Great minds think alike, but then so do psychotic axe murderer minds.

That was my "last line" com... (Below threshold)

That was my "last line" comment.

The only reason that this b... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

The only reason that this became a story is that the media jumped on the bandwagon over the Richard Clarke testimony. This was only a means for the liberal media and the DNC to bash President Bush. They (the media) only had to look back over their coverage of the eight year Clinton Administration to see that Al Qaeda was NOT a high priority.

People in general have a hard time correlating data that is not time coincident, but the media is under a social obligation to do a better job of this. The DNC's attempt to pass off this fallacious story, that Al Qaeda was a high priority for Clinton, is at least understandable, as it serves to promote their primary motivation this election year, deride Bush.

Clinton was right to ignore... (Below threshold)
Charlez Ommolo:

Clinton was right to ignore Al Qaeda. Richard Clark invented Al Qaeda in 1998 looking at a map where the indication "The base" was written in arabic pronounciation.
Al Qaeda is a fiction, but fighting and advertising something that doesn't exist make it became real.






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