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Troubling News from Iraq?

As much as I don't desire the violence that exists in the region or to have our troops exposed to the danger, I think this is a good sign. Our forces have a more consolidated enemy to go up against instead of being sitting targets for random bombings and ambushes. I hope this is the start of the militant Iraqis' last hoorah, at least in the Fallujah area.

A massive firefight was reported as US forces sealed off Fallujah, seen as the centre of Sunni resistance to the occupation, where four US contractors were killed and mutilated last week. In and around the town at least four US Marines were reported dead.

Overall, I think this will help clear the way for a June turnover of the government rather than stand in the way of it.

This CNN Ariticle contains more details on todays fighting.

U.S. Marines are attempting to calm the city of Fallujah, the site of much anti-American sentiment the past few days.

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