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Random Thoughts

As I posted earlier, I think the current fight in Iraq and Fallujah is a good sign. As much as I deplore the casualties to our troops, I think this fighting is an inevitable and necessary part of the process of building the Iraq Democracy.

I especially think its good that it puts a face and place on our enemy and give our forces someone tangible that they can fight.

I think that the media playing footage of Moslems celebrating their massacre of civilians in Fallujah every time they report the current hostilities is particularly unpatriotic and does not help the war effort. It seems to imply the militant Moslems are winning.

When the media says there is ‘fierce fighting’ or that there were ‘a high number of US casualties’ in their reporting, I sometimes think that they are thinking ‘Oh goody, now we have something to report.’

I read a column last night about a candidate that was staying in a political race even though pictures of cross-dressing had surfaced. Was everyone just as disappointed as I was when they found out that the article WASN’T talking about John Kerry?

I’m really enjoying Kate’s “Oink If You Slaughter Women” Post. Jay’s comment about sums it up.

I think that every blog needs a permanent guest blogger, like Rodney Dill. Much as every human body needs an asshole.

For some truly profound random thoughts you should search the Thomas Sowell Archives


Update: James has a good post from yesterday on the Fallujah Action, and he has a better post today.

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Thanks for the praise, Rodn... (Below threshold)

Thanks for the praise, Rodney, but I gotta ask: I put up two comments about PETA. Was it my first "PETA is scum" one, or "both make me drool?" one?

I'm just glad I refrained from my first impulse: "The two pictures are an excellent grammar lesson. One makes me think of 'pork' as a noun; the other, as a verb."


it was the both... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

it was the

both make me drool part






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