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Condi Nast

All of my guest posters must be glued to the televised testimony of Condoleezza Rice. I'm actually not going to watch the testimony until I've read the transcript. I figure it will be less prejudicial to read the transcript of the reportedly heated exchanges with Richard Ben-Veniste before seeing them. You can play along too; here is the AP transcript:

Rice's opening statement
Rice's Q&A session

I guess it's time to slowly get back in the blogging game as well...

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Not me- I think it is all v... (Below threshold)

Not me- I think it is all very ridiculous. A totall waste of time and energy and money on all levels.

Hijacking of commerical planes have been going since what the 70's?! I put the blame on all the presidents since then regarding the prevention of 9-11. It was ignorant of the United States government to think it could never happen to the all mighty U.S.

Maybe I am wrong, I seam to recall there hs been at least one hijacking or close calls within US comnerical planes in the past 30 or so years.
sorry ..i'm done

I decided not to post on th... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

I decided not to post on this story because it is going to be such a big story (or not). I didn't have time at work to do it justice. I'll probably just bottom-feed off some of the related issues that drop out.

I did read a little of the transcript. What I read into it was that Condi was OK. I saw on condescending comment, can't remember who now, where she was thanked for giving a 'careful' answer. Would've liked to see that one live to get the right connotation.

She did a good job. It was ... (Below threshold)

She did a good job. It was after all Clinton's inactivity that invited terrorists to strike again.

I wanted to strangle Richar... (Below threshold)

I wanted to strangle Richard Ben-Veniste. I couldn't believe how aggressive and disrespectful he was being. He asked Rice two questions, but only really wanted the answer to one of them. He interrupted her after she'd answered the one he wanted, wouldn't let her continue to answer the other question, and then denied that he even asked the other question! Real mature, Dick.

I was going to simul-blog i... (Below threshold)

I was going to simul-blog it but I had to run out of town.

But I guess I made my point above... Look for this story to disappear like the AWOL story suddenly vanished.

Welcome back.I won... (Below threshold)

Welcome back.

I wonder how many of your flock will start banging on my door.

Probably a few...... (Below threshold)

Probably a few...

Don't forget about security... (Below threshold)

Don't forget about security. Secureroot.org






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